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Job Losses RISE as Old Economy FALLS Like the Titanic! Fed Warns 2021 QE Taper


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Economic problems surround us and the stock market is simply ignoring it. The worse things get, the more the Fed will pump the markets. When the Fed is questioned about their actions, it’s always softballs and purposely wasting time to prevent real questions from slipping out. Nobody must question the true narrative of why the Fed is doing what they do in the first place when their dual mandate can’t be resolved by their actions. But I guess who cares, right?


Jobs report December 2020: First monthly job loss in 8 months

Economy sees job loss in December for the first time in eight months as surging virus takes toll

Job creation came to a halt in December as restrictions brought on by surging Covid-19 cases hammered virus-sensitive industries, particularly bars and restaurants, which lost nearly half a million positions. The Labor Department reported Friday that nonfarm payrolls fell by 140,000. That was below expectations for 50,000 from economists surveyed by Dow Jones.

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Stock Market Bubble Built on Interest Rates Must End Some Day – Bloomberg

United States Balance of Trade | 1950-2020 Data | 2021-2023 Forecast | Calendar

United States Balance of Trade | 1950-2020 Data | 2021-2023 Forecast | Calendar

The trade deficit in the US widened to $68.1 billion in November of 2020 from $63.1 billion in October, well above market expectations of $65.2 billion. It is the biggest trade gap since August of 2006 as exports rose 1.2 percent and imports 2.9 percent.

Wall Street Is the Most Bullish on Commodities in a Decade – Bloomberg

Canada Loses Jobs for First Time Since April on Covid Clampdown – Bloomberg

Richest Americans Brace for Higher Taxes, Await Moves by Biden, Senate Democrats – Bloomberg

Harker Says Fed May Begin Paring Bond Purchases in Late 2021 – Bloomberg

(12) Sven Henrich on Twitter:

“No shit:

Kaplan: “I worry that bond buying has some distorting impact on price discovery, that they encourage excessive risk taking, & excessive risk taking can create excesses & imbalances that can be difficult to deal with in the future.”” / Twitter

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No shit:Kaplan: “I worry that bond buying has some distorting impact on price discovery, that they encourage excessive risk taking, & excessive risk taking can create excesses & imbalances that can be difficult to deal with in the future.”

Mohamed El-Erian: «This Is Starting to Get to Dangerous Levels»

Mohamed El-Erian: “This Is Starting to Get to Dangerous Levels”

Deutsche Version Hardly anything can unsettle the markets: Whether it’s a potentially more dangerous mutation of the coronavirus, the Democrats’ surprising majority win in the U.S. Senate or the images of an angry mob storming the U.S. Congress: the bull market in stocks continues undeterred.

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The stock market continues to move higher and higher. We are seeing tech stocks, technology stocks rising higher and higher to new record highs constantly. Interest rates are very low and so investors are looking for places to put their capital, cash, money. Debt is expanding alongside this stock market growth.


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Wake up to the suits and ties. They’re all lying to you. None are your friends. None wish to help you. Wolves in sheep clothing. More distractions than ever before. The magician always makes a spectacle to hide the trick.

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We live in a fantasy land. More money flowing in than ever before, IPO frenzy, housing skyrocketing. Euphoria never end well. The higher it goes the worse it will be. Slow and steady growth is much safer. #money #investments #debt

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IF THEY WILL FIGHT OVER PLAYSTATION…What would they do for food? #ps5 #PlayStation5 #playstation #ps5fight #walmart


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