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Food Shortages, Prices Rising, Commodities Up Sends Chilling Warning About Potential Crisis

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There are serious shortages that are not being discussed but it must be known. Looking at the food prices, commodities, copper, oil they are all rising. Everything is going up and not necessarily for the exact same reason. The point we have is that with an unprecedented surge in the balance sheets, more money printing will only make matters worse.


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Wake up to the suits and ties. They’re all lying to you. None are your friends. None wish to help you. Wolves in sheep clothing. More distractions than ever before. The magician always makes a spectacle to hide the trick.

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We live in a fantasy land. More money flowing in than ever before, IPO frenzy, housing skyrocketing. Euphoria never end well. The higher it goes the worse it will be. Slow and steady growth is much safer. #money #investments #debt

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IF THEY WILL FIGHT OVER PLAYSTATION…What would they do for food? #ps5 #PlayStation5 #playstation #ps5fight #walmart


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John Pettit
John Pettit
January 19, 2021

Hi This is my first viewing of your channel – came across it via The Duran podcast. You asked people to share their story regarding their food growing efforts.  On Friday 8th November 2019 my house and property was destroyed in the Australian bushfires of the winter/spring/summer of 2019/2020.  I live in the bush, surrounded by forest, I live in the subtropics and my place is frost—free.  14 months following the fire my resurrected vegie garden comprises a total of 123 edible plants of which 30 are perennial, 33 are annuals but which so readily reseed/re-sprout that they could be… Read more »

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