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Companies Dump U.S. Office Space at Rapid Rate! Danger for Big Banks and Derivatives

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Companies dump US office space at rapid rate | Financial Times

Companies dump US office space at rapid rate

Companies are dumping record volumes of office space on to the sublease market, flashing a potential warning sign over the long-term health of the office properties that comprise the biggest chunk of US real estate.

The 10 biggest retail bankruptcies of 2020

The 10 biggest retail bankruptcies of 2020

More than three dozen retailers, including the nation’s oldest department store chain, filed for bankruptcy this year, marking an 11-year high. Pre-pandemic, several of these retailers were already teetering on the brink of survival. But the Covid health crisis pummeled the industry.

When Money Is Free, Lenders Start Charging for Everything Else – Bloomberg

Wheels come off for bus companies, closing down travel options for poorer Americans | MPR News

Wheels come off for bus companies, closing down travel options for poorer Americans

The wheels on the nation’s buses aren’t going round and round very much these days. Demand for bus travel has fallen by more than 80 percent during the pandemic as public health authorities urge people to avoid travel where possible.

Kevin O’Leary: 100 million Americans have nothing set aside for retirement | Kitco News

Kevin O’Leary: 100 million Americans have nothing set aside for retirement

America is facing a generational crisis where younger people have no wealth built up and lack the financial literacy to do so, said Kevin O’Leary, star of Shark Tank and chairman of O’Shares ETFs. “In America today, there’s 100 million people that have nothing set aside for retirement,” O’Leary said.

The financial system has seen massive inflows of cash, debt, currency, and money into stocks, ETF’s, and passive investments. We are looking at more investors asking which tech stocks to buy in 2021. Money has been finding its way into the stock market but bond funds, despite a huge uptake of negative yielding debt, still pales in comparison to interest in equities.


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