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You Would Have TRIPLED Your Money If You Listened To Me 3 Days Ago


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Let’s face it, the market is broken. But to clarify, it was broken a long time ago. What we are seeing today in some ways has escalated beyond what we saw in 2000. Beyond the subprime nonsense. This is simply speculation to the highest degree possible. Even the remnants of Blockbuster are now soaring. You can’t make this stuff up. But here we are.


GameStop Mania Reveals Power Shift on Wall Street—and the Pros Are Reeling – WSJ

GameStop Mania Reveals Power Shift on Wall Street-and the Pros Are Reeling

Internet-fueled amateurs are gathering on platforms like Reddit, Discord, Facebook and Twitter, encouraging each other to pile into stocks, bragging about their gains and, at times, intentionally banding together to intensify losses among professional traders. “I didn’t realize it was this cult-like.”

Wall Street Scans Short-Squeeze Targets Amid Reddit ‘Revolution’

Wall Street Scans Short-Squeeze Targets Amid Reddit ‘Revolution’

(Bloomberg) — There are dozens of ways to pick stocks, but few have been as unconventional — or as successful — as the coordinated short-squeeze being deployed by Reddit’s army of day traders. Now, Wall Street is scanning for which of the market’s most-hated shares could be targeted next.It’s simple, though not necessarily intuitive: identify a company with huge levels of short interest, and pile in.

GameStop trading pits Wall Street’s powerful against the powerless – Axios

GameStop trading action pits powerful against powerless

A popular rebellion, organized by the powerless against the powerful. It might have failed in Washington, but it certainly seems to be working on Wall Street. Driving the news: The market value of GameStop closed at more than $10 billion on Tuesday, on record volume of more than $26 billion.

Reddit-Fueled Traders Trigger Volatility Halts Across Market

Reddit-Fueled Traders Trigger Volatility Halts Across Market

(Bloomberg) — About 44 circuit-breaker halts were triggered in the first two hours of trading Wednesday amid the rapid ascension of amateur investors armed with Robinhood and their favorite social media platforms.From cult-favorite GameStop Corp.

GameStop’s three largest shareholders have gotten $3BILLION richer in two weeks | Daily Mail Online

GameStop’s three largest shareholders have gotten $3B richer in rally

GameStop shares rose another 130% on Wednesday amid a Reddit buying frenzy The struggling company runs a chain of video game stores across the country Group WallStreetBets is leading charge to inflate stock and punish hedge funds GameStop stock is up 1,700% since January 1 in run that hurt short

(BLIAQ), BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BB) – The Penny Stock Behind Blockbuster Surges 1,400%: Rise From The Dead Or Mistaken Identity? | Benzinga

The Penny Stock Behind Blockbuster Surges 1,400%: Rise From The Dead Or Mistaken Identity?

Movie rental chain Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010 and has been an afterthought thanks to the rise of Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX). What Happened: The remaining piece of Blockbuster is having a great week thanks to the rise of several heavily shorted stocks like GameStop Corp (NASDAQ: GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC).

Melvin Capital, hedge fund targeted by Reddit board, closes out of GameStop short position

Melvin Capital, hedge fund targeted by Reddit board, closes out of GameStop short position

Melvin Capital closed out its short position in GameStop on Tuesday afternoon after taking a huge loss, the hedge fund’s manager told CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Reddit traders fuel GameStop, putting market at ‘speculative peak’

Market is at ‘speculative peak’ as Reddit traders fuel GameStop, money manager says

Speculation in the stock market is soaring. Retail investors have been piling into equities at a rapid rate in the new year, building on 2020’s rush and squeezing short sellers in stocks such as GameStop, up a staggering 685% for the month as of Tuesday’s closing bell.

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Nasdaq’s Adena Friedman Suggests Trading Halt in Response to Reddit

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman Suggests Trading Halt to Let Investors ‘Recalibrate’

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman suggested Wednesday that her exchange could halt trading activity for stocks, in the event they were targeted by internet users, to enable the exchange to investigate possible manipulation and allow investors to “recalibrate.” She made the comment in a morning interview with CNBC’s Joe Kernen, speaking in reference to price surges inspired by Reddit users.

SEC ‘Monitoring’ GameStop Frenzy as Warren Pressures Regulators

SEC ‘Monitoring’ GameStop Frenzy as Warren Pressures Regulators

(Bloomberg) — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said it is “actively monitoring” volatility in options and equities markets amid a surge in GameStop Corp.

In 11 Hours of Pure Mania, 100% Stock Gains Popped Up Everywhere

In 11 Hours of Pure Mania, 100% Stock Gains Popped Up Everywhere

(Bloomberg) — Cooped up at home, glued to Reddit and Stocktwits chat forums, empowered by Robinhood accounts, funded by massive government money-printing and emboldened by a bull market that has turned reckless risk-taking into a virtue, America’s new band of day traders is frantically bidding up a wide range of

Why is GameStop stock going up? Thank Reddit – Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

Yes, GameStop is a content moderation issue for Reddit

The Redditors who are driving up the cost of GameStop stock just to pwn the hedge funds that bet on its demise may not be breaking the law.

I am NOT advocating anything. I don’t give financial advice. But I specifically stated this trade and it looks like it’s continuing as I post this video into the after hours session. More money pumping into stocks like KOSS Corporation. Huge money, cash,


‘You’ve already won’ – Cramer tells investors to take home run and sell GameStop

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday complimented the retail traders who helped spark the massive run-up in GameStop shares, but advised they take their profits now. “Take the home run. Don’t go for the grand slam. Take the home run. You’ve already won. You’ve won the game.

— The Money GPS: Jim Cramer says don’t go for grand slam. What do you think? (Instagram Jan 29, 2021)


Changes due to ongoing market volatility | Robinhood

Opening new positions in the securities listed in the table below is currently allowed, but limited. For more context about the decision to limit these securities, read our blog post. Yes. The table below shows the maximum number of shares and options contracts to which you can increase your positions.


— The Money GPS: Robinhood caps hot stocks like #gme to 1 share! (Instagram Jan 29, 2021)


This is how Wall Street thinks the Reddit-fueled GameStop trade unravels

The war between hedge funds and retail investors over shares of GameStop has one logical conclusion, according to executives and traders of a major Wall Street firm. Shares of GameStop, the video game retailer, have climbed more than 900% since the start of the year after members of the Reddit community WallStreetBets banded together in an effort to push the stock higher.

— The Money GPS: STOCK MARKET TUMBLES as GME soars (Instagram Jan 29, 2021)


KOSS Interactive Stock Chart | Koss Corporation Stock – Yahoo Finance

At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life.

— The Money GPS: Find a company you thought was no longer in business, buy some shares, get rich quick. Is that what’s seriously happening right now?! (Instagram Jan 29, 2021)


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Wake up to the suits and ties. They’re all lying to you. None are your friends. None wish to help you. Wolves in sheep clothing. More distractions than ever before. The magician always makes a spectacle to hide the trick.

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Powell was just asked about GameStop stock. Said he doesn’t want to comment. Yea… We know you don’t want to comment on it because you’ve created this madness. David Liesman asked a follow up, specifically asked him to talk about super low rates creating a bubble #gamestop

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Powell: “The real unemployment rate is close to 10% when you include those who have left the labor force” Money printing does not impact asset prices. Stocks and low interest rates not very correlated #gamestop

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We live in a fantasy land. More money flowing in than ever before, IPO frenzy, housing skyrocketing. Euphoria never end well. The higher it goes the worse it will be. Slow and steady growth is much safer. #money #investments #debt

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IF THEY WILL FIGHT OVER PLAYSTATION…What would they do for food? #ps5 #PlayStation5 #playstation #ps5fight #walmart


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