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THIS is the Only Number That Mattered to the Stock Markets in 2020!


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If fundamentals no longer matter, what does? If reality has been replaced by fiction, what is the truth? If we are to trust those who are so guilty, so blatantly against humanity, what will the future be?


Assets: Total Assets: Total Assets (Less Eliminations from Consolidation): Wednesday Level (WALCL) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Assets: Total Assets: Total Assets (Less Eliminations from Consolidation): Wednesday Level

Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (US) Release: H.4.1 Factors Affecting Reserve Balances Units: Frequency: Suggested Citation: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (US), Assets: Total Assets: Total Assets (Less Eliminations from Consolidation): Wednesday Level [WALCL], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St.

One Number Mattered to Global Markets in 2020 – Bloomberg

Bearish Dollar Bets Near Decade High as 2020 Draws to an End – Bloomberg

Apple (AAPL) Stock Leads Tech Shares Higher, Nears Intraday Record – Bloomberg

Shades Of 1999 As “Market Mania” Returns In 2020 – RIA

Shades Of 1999 As “Market Mania” Returns In 2020 – RIA

“Maybe this time is different. Those words, supposedly the most dangerous to utter in the investing realm, came to mind amid the frenzied pops in the highly anticipated initial public offerings recently.” That quote was from Randall Forsyth discussing why the current market mania reminds him of the “Shades of 1999.”

FANG-Index-Vs-CB-Assets-Since-2015-Rothko-12.12.20.png (554×332)

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Famous brands close their Big Apple shops in record numbers

Famous brands close their NYC shops in record numbers

The Big Apple saw almost one in seven nationally recognized chain-store branches close their doors as the pandemic sent consumers scurrying for cover, according to a new report.

The stock market has escalated to new heights as more money, cash, debt flow into stocks, equities. We have seen much influence from not just institutional investors, but retail investors more than ever before as trades, trade commissions have declined, lowering the barrier to entry.


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Wake up to the suits and ties. They’re all lying to you. None are your friends. None wish to help you. Wolves in sheep clothing. More distractions than ever before. The magician always makes a spectacle to hide the trick.

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What if the stimulus included more money for people. Is $1200 enough? $2000? Is this going to solve any deep rooted problems? What about the disgraceful 5600 pages filled with billions that have nothing to do with where people actually need help? #StimulusChecks #StimulusBill

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We live in a fantasy land. More money flowing in than ever before, IPO frenzy, housing skyrocketing. Euphoria never end well. The higher it goes the worse it will be. Slow and steady growth is much safer. #money #investments #debt

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IF THEY WILL FIGHT OVER PLAYSTATION…What would they do for food? #ps5 #PlayStation5 #playstation #ps5fight #walmart


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