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The American Invasion of Russia in 1918

President Woodrow Wilson dispatched 5000 American troops to northern Russia and 8000 troops to Siberia without seeking approval from the US Congress. The Allies wanted to overthrow the new communist government in Russia to restore a monarchy that would renew war with Germany. Moreover, they wanted to crush the idea that workers can oust monarchs and take control of governments.

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History's Mysteries
History's Mysteries
January 2, 2021

In retrospect, why was that such a bad thing? Certainly not an analog to Washington’s aggressive meddling these days.

History's Mysteries
History's Mysteries
Reply to  History's Mysteries
January 2, 2021

The transition to a constitutional monarchy per the Belgian, UK etc. model had already crossed its Rubicon at that stage. To me, it’s a shame it wasn’t allowed to reach fruition.

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