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The Woman With The Beard Wins Second Prize

Take a gander at the photograph above, a screengrab from the YouTube channel of a woman who styles herself adult human female, as she certainly is. And the other person is also a woman. Seriously? I know what you’re thinking, women don’t have beards. Actually they do, a very small number of women, one of the causes of which is the medical condition polycystic ovary syndrome,  and very old women do sometimes develop facial hair.

So what about the second “woman” above? This is Irishman Con Óg Ó Laoghaire. In 2019, he entered a race giving his gender as “woman” and came second. As pointed out in a previous article, gender and sex are two different things, but some people intent on destroying Western civilisation, and the idiots who follow them, would have you believe otherwise. Con Óg Ó Laoghaire explained to Kellie-Jay Keen in a recent YouTube interview why he pulled this stunt, it was a humorous attempt to highlight the absurdity of the current state of the law and social trends. Can a man really self-identify as a woman?

We all self-identify all the time, consciously or otherwise; this is valid up to a point, but only up to a point. A man who walks around with a warrant card in his pocket may self-identify as a police officer, but a man who isn’t a police officer and does so, could find himself in serious trouble. A man who self-identifies as a bat and jumps out of a second floor window will find himself in even deeper trouble. If self-identification per se were valid, we could end world hunger overnight. Heck, we could all self-identify as billionaires, as in robust good health when we are not, or even as immortal. If a man on trial for murder self-identifies as innocent, will the judge simply allow him to go home?

If that sounds absurd, this is in effect the situation in which the US Government under dementia sufferer Joe Biden is headed. And if you disagree, you can only be transphobic, right?

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robert tyrrell
robert tyrrell
February 21, 2021

Can always depend on the irish!

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