Freudian slip? Kamala says Trump’s China policy caused American DEATHS [Video]

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President Trump and Vice President Pence have been of one mind with regard to handling the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the United States. Presently, the US has the leading number of deaths attributed to the disease, 215,830* at the time of this writing. China, the place where the virus first sprang up, has an “official” count of only 4,634 deaths.

Naturally, this is being used in the Presidential campaign to try to impugn Mr. Trump’s policies as “irresponsible” because America has lost so many people* to the virus. (Yes, that asterisk will be explained a bit later). “Follow the science” is the mantra of the Democrat Party, while “Follow the science” has actually been applied by the Coronavirus Task Force, and apparently, it is a success. The death count* (yes, again) is higher than everywhere else, but it is far lower than the two million that were originally forecast to lose their lives in the US to the virus.

[now for the asterisk: This refers to the fact that US has a crazy counting system. deaths WITH COVID are often counted as deaths FROM COVID, and we do not have accuracy in records there. We also record every test and every positive as though it were a new case, when some of these are repeat tests on the same persons. We have seen multiple reports showing this, but no clear and predictable pattern exists to be able to get a “revised” count that might turn out to be substantially lower. All we can do is say there is a problem with the counting. It is not done the same way by everyone. – ASH]

That debate will roar on and on, especially if Donald Trump wins re-election. The Democrats will not be “broken” by his victory. They will instead resemble the nest of hornets after the nest is beat with sticks and dropped on the ground. They will be furious and extremely dangerous.

If they win, it will be even worse. Hot irrational fury will be replaced with cold, soulless “socialism” which will really be more like despotism.

A recent piece I wrote proposed the notion that COVID was a deliberate bioweapons attack carried out by China against the West, particularly the United States. I am far from insisting that this is the truth; it carries the rank of “conspiracy theory” and is not backed up by enough information to take it from “crackpot” to “real assessment.”

However, there has been a subtle move in the rhetoric of the President and Vice President in our debates thus far, saying that “China is responsible for doing this to us.” In fact, President Trump has been even more specific. The idea was first suggested in May by a Trump aide, that Beijing sent airline passengers to spread the infection worldwide. This rhetoric has gone mainstream in recent weeks. During the debate Wednesday night, Vice President Pence talked about the need to hold China accountable for doing this to us.

The Democrat response, logically should have been, “You are making this up, China did not seed the virus worldwide, this is conspiracy theory tinfoil hat nonsense.” Right? Anything Trump says must be opposed by the Democrats diametrically; isn’t that the rule? But look at this:

How does she explain this statement? Well, she does not appear to. But this is a first. President Trump’s policy toward China has been economic up until the COVID crisis started, then it extended to travel bans and an eventual calling out of the World Health Organization, which strongly appears to have run cover for China at the beginning of the outbreak. What is Senator Harris talking about? Could she mean bio-attack?

Let’s look at this whole segment so we can try to get the context of this remark.

It comes, after Senator Harris’ stunner. She claims that the Trump / Pence administration removed installations the Obama Administration put in place to monitor pandemics, to which VP Pence muttered, “not true”. She links decisions she alleges were made and carried out by the Trump Administration as connected to the loss of 210,000 American lives. But she never dives into specifics about these claims. Watch here for yourself.

Later in what was kind of the next segment (but available here for view), Senator Harries tries to pivot away from China as being a danger and to point at Russia, bringing up Russiagate (election interference), which has been increasingly exposed lately as a Democrat initiated scam.

Senator Harris uses the “he took the word of Vladimir Putin over the word of the American intelligence community.”

She is three years late on that one. Just check recent developments noting that the Hillary Clinton campaign AND the Obama Adminstration decided to weaponize said US Intel agencies (CIA, FBI) to  create a false narrative about “Russian election interference / DNC server hacking” to divert public attention away from Hillary Clinton’s unanswered e-mail problems. Yet for her supporters, real information does not matter, so the tired old Russia trope got dragged up yet again.

Unfortunately, VP Pence missed several opportunities, for after Kamala carried out her pivot to Russia, he did not address the China allegation, nor did he address the Russiagate one. He clearly disagreed with the China allegation, and probably should have come back to it.

Senator Harris is a SKILLED liar. She speaks with passion, convincingly and so on. But she lies as she does it.

Maybe she ought to find a new career in Hollywood.

To conclude, does Senator Kamala Harris refer to a bioweapon attack? Probably not. Nevertheless, she couches her “backup” rhetoric in false allegations, though; or at least, allegations that Mr. Pence denied visually and vocally. We also have both parties saying what appear to be unusually strong statements about China, its fault in the COVID pandemic, and here, we see a hint of agreement.

Senator Harris is good at lying. What if her little remark was the truth, and its explanation, a lie?

It is clear that Russia is no threat (clear, that is to anybody who wishes to study that issue). China has handled many things in a disingenuous fashion to say the least, and the lack of fatalities in that country to this supposedly universally spread natural virus raises questions.

I despise conspiracy theories. But I also do not like unanswered questions, and there are many with this crisis. One can only hope that they would be answered and then dealt with as appropriate.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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October 10, 2020

Both China and South Korea contained the pandemic inside their countries with real means: testing, contract tracing, strict quarantine, wearing masks and localized lockdowns when cluster outbreaks happened. Both countries had a very organized system to counteract the pandemic when it was still small. In contrast to the US who was unprepared on all levels and then tried to hide the blunder with arguments of democratic freedoms. But these democratic freedoms don’t protect against illness. The result is the absolute calamity of a pandemic so severe that it will surpass the Spanish flue unless the US finds an antidote fast.… Read more »

Reply to  Regula
October 11, 2020

Your wrong but keep perpetuating your ignorance

Tina Ridgway
Tina Ridgway
October 14, 2020

I also am loathe to say that the virus was released on purpose. I really believe it to be so but as of yet there isn’t the evidence to support the claim. However, I do have sound deductive reasoning skills and when weighing the facts it certainly makes more sense than the narrative that is being disseminated. Especially knowing how low Trumps enemies are willing to go to destroy him. They care nothing of the collateral damage they inflict. They believe the “People” to be here for their pleasure. They truly think they are a cut above the Average American.… Read more »

November 3, 2020

The covid 19 pandemic has been a gift ,and heavily exploited, A president Trump win was almost certainly assured,now he has to do battle,with absolute victory Not quite a sure thing..

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