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Fed Considers More QE as U.S. Dollar Value Falls! Thanksgiving Dinner 10% Higher in 2020!



The Federal Reserve has expanded their balance sheet beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Even the members of the Fed themselves were probably wondering how much more this system can handle. But it seems as though you can buy unlimited amounts of garbage with no consequence. As long as you calculate certain statistics like inflation incorrectly, you can keep inflation low. A 2% target that never gets hit, should always be followed up with more QE, right?


As economy struggles, Fed weighs boosting bond purchases

As economy struggles, Fed weighs boosting bond purchases

WASHINGTON (AP) – At their meeting earlier this month, Federal Reserve officials discussed possible future adjustments to the central bank’s monthly bond purchases to boost the economy. The Fed on Wednesday released minutes of its Nov.

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, November 4-5, 2020

Click to access fomcminutes20201105.pdf

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Thanksgiving Dinner Costs up 9.8% in 2020 – AdvisorSmith

Thanksgiving Dinner Costs up 9.8% in 2020

Take a look at our deep dive into the increasing costs of Thanksgiving foods in the U.S. With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, Americans around the country are preparing their menus for the traditional holiday. This year, Thanksgiving celebrations may be a bit different given the effects of the coronavirus pandemic leading to smaller family gatherings with fewer people and potentially less holiday travel.

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IBM Planning 10,000 Job Cuts in Europe Ahead of Unit Sale – Bloomberg

Deutsche Bank Weighs Move to 2-Days-a-Week Remote Working – Bloomberg

Airlines set to lose $157 billion amid worsening slump – IATA | Reuters

Airlines set to lose $157 billion amid worsening slump – IATA

Airlines are on course to lose a total $157 billion this year and next, their main global body warned on Tuesday, further downgrading its industry outlook in response to a second wave of coronavirus infections and shutdowns afflicting major markets.

Hollywood Grapples With Layoffs, Redefines Itself for Streaming Future – Variety

Hollywood Grapples With Mass Layoffs as the Biz Redefines Itself for Streaming Future

This is the winter of discontent for Hollywood workers, as no level of seniority has been spared from the wave of mass layoffs. Warner Bros. has been shaken by two rounds of layoffs and a wholesale restructuring that have ushered out veterans with decades of service to the Hollywood studio.

Unemployment Claims Are Rising Again Amid Covid-19 Surge

Unemployment Claims Are Rising Again Amid Covid-19 Surge

Weekly jobless claims ticked up for the second week in a row to 778,000 (on a seasonally adjusted basis), significantly more than the 733,000 claims experts were expecting-the data is a discouraging sign that the record-breaking surge in Covid-19 cases is beginning to impact the labor market.

UK Spending Review: Sunak Plans Pay Raises, Infrastructure, Cut to Overseas Aid – Bloomberg

BMO, CIBC Extend Work From Home to April as Canada Cases Surge – Bloomberg

Left for dead, twice, RadioShack gets another shot online

Left for dead, twice, RadioShack gets another shot online

SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) – RadioShack, a fixture at the mall for decades, has been pulled from brink of death, again. It’s the most prized name in the basket of brands that entrepreneur investors Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez have scooped up since the coronavirus pandemic bowled over the U.S.

What Do You Do With a Lot of Dead Movie Theaters? – Bloomberg

China Blacklist Strands More Than 50 Australia Coal Cargoes – Bloomberg

L.A. Mansion Sale at $52 Million Discount Exposes Luxury Reality

L.A. Mansion Sale at $52 Million Discount Exposes Luxury Reality

Bloomberg 2 days ago Sophie Alexander and John Gittelsohn (Bloomberg) — After more than three years on the market, a Beverly Hills mansion initially listed for $100 million has sold at less than half that price. The 20,000-square-foot (1,900-square-meter) house — dubbed “Opus” in a flashy marketing campaign — sold this week for $48.4 million, including furniture, according to a Multiple Listings Service report.

The stock market has been accelerating in 2020. People are buying stocks, equities. There has been a record inflow of cash, debt, money into the stock market 2020. Tech stocks are doing especially well. More debt is accumulating.


A record 19.4 million homeowners can now save big on a mortgage refinance, as rates hit another new low

The average interest rate on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage has set a record low 13 times so far this year. It did it again last week. That has given current homeowners unprecedented potential to save on their monthly payments through a refinance.

— The Money GPS: Housing bubble (Instagram)



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Wake up to the suits and ties. They’re all lying to you. None are your friends. None wish to help you. Wolves in sheep clothing. More distractions than ever before. The magician always makes a spectacle to hide the trick.

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JANET YELLEN MIGHT BE BACK. Anyone suggesting government took over the Fed and not the other way around needs to wake up. Fed gained more control. Even Bloomberg admits it. The revolving door and the control over the public is very evident to those paying attention. #janetyellen









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