Are Russia and China jostling for the top, or defending themselves? [Video]

All military saber-rattling tied to Joe Biden’s feebleness, but not in the way you might think.

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Gary Franchi of The Next News Network summarized this situation in this way:

“The world witnesses a weakened United States, with a leader that can barely hold his own thoughts at the podium.”

This might look like the leaders of Russia and China see the US as weak, and that it is time for each of these leaders to “make his move” to establish pre-eminence for Russia and / or China. Certainly this is the way the bulk of the Western press is covering it, Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping are the evil dictators trying to take over the world, and we are not meeting this threat strongly enough.

To that end, logically, the news media is portraying various “displays of force” such as this one, where several fully armed F-16 fighters went on a mission in the South China Sea, ostensibly in a move to signal the People’s Republic of China to back off of their efforts at “conquest of Taiwan.”

Ukraine re-emerged recently as a “flashpoint” in the news media, with American media going on and on about a “buildup” or “troop massing” of some 40,000 soldiers along the Ukrainian and Russian border, and Fox News cast President Vladimir Putin’s annual speech as “aggressive” in his message of telling the West to “back off”, and that Russia would be the nation to set and hold its “redlines” in terms of what other nations try to do to the Russian Federation.

However, in both cases, the problem, while slightly hinted at, is not directly addressed, except for in Gary Franchi’s statement quoted earlier.

The problem is Joe Biden. However, I think that to a large extent, simply portraying him as “so weak that other powers just think they can do whatever they want” is an erroneous narrative. It depends on the nation we are talking about.

China does seek an advantage

For China, admittedly, this assessment could be somewhat accurate. Despite the heavy connections Joe and Hunter Biden have with the Communist nation, the Chinese government has no reason to express warm fuzzy feelings towards the US because President Trump is out of office. Quite the opposite.

Perhaps this is an oversimplification, but China could be said to be very “goal oriented”, and it has profited handsomely from being so. It has the world’s second (sometimes first) largest economy, it has a huge advantage over Western states in being the single largest manufacturer of goods in the world, notably high-technology goods. That Apple iPhone you might have? “Made in China.” Go and look at all the items you own in your home and see where they were made. You are likely to find the same inscription everywhere, “Made in China.” Go to Walmart and examine their non-food products and you are likely to find this mark everywhere.

In all the world, Chinese-manufactured products are ubiquitous. This country has demonstrated some of the finest capitalism in practice ever seen in history. However, one could also maintain that this ties China to the world in such a way as to limit its military’s use. China’s great hold on commerce could disappear almost instantly if the country acted in a way that generated alarm and outrage in the Western sphere. Even “B.F.F.” Russia would be likely to take exception at moves such as an invasion of Taiwan, for example.

Maybe. Perhaps this is the gamble; China may be thinking it can pull such an act off without sustaining a massive economic backlash. At any rate, the displays of power through incursions into the island nation’s air defense zone are something to consider. But that is probably about all. China cannot safely demonstrate expansionism farther than this, at least in Eurasia and the Americas. Their other area of some sort of expansion is likely to be restricted to African nations, and to that end we have seen rumbles of some sort of activity going on there.

So, China may indeed be probing Joe Biden’s weakness. However, both China and Russia share another attitude in common with regard to the United States and its presumptive, falsely-chosen leader.

Russia seeks stability, but is unable to find a partner in the USA

That attitude has to do with the newly-acquired instability of the United States, particularly its executive branch. It has to do with Joe Biden himself, because he is indeed an extremely feeble man, and he is great evidence that he is an “empty suit” as President, and that he may be being managed by others who have their own set of priorities.

To be sure, that person, or group of people, do not appear to have their own acts together. Biden went on record calling Vladimir Putin a “killer” on George Stephanopolos’ program, almost certainly a deliberately spoken claim, by a man whose circuits are not connecting very well. A properly thinking man would, as President, be much more the statesman than to say something like that. Nevertheless, as our Editor-in-Chief, Alexander Mercouris, reports in this video clip below, Joe Biden then did something extremely puzzling:

He called President Putin, inviting him to meet somewhere and talk about the full scope of problems between the US and Russia, and then immediately after this surprisingly positive seeming call, Biden imposed a raft of new sanctions upon Russia, and this time, Russia responded, by taking the steps of suggesting that US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, ought to return to the US for “consultations”, a request Sullivan first resisted, then accepted. He is leaving Russia.

What is going on here?

That is probably the question that President Putin has about the United States. It is the same question a great many Russians are asking about the US, and it is also the same question many Americans are asking about their own government. Why is all this happening?

I have written extensively on what I believe is the reason for this. In the world of geopolitics, the reason I suggest for all these events happening probably sounds insultingly simplistic: The United States is openly rebelling against any obedience to God, Who is credited with the nation’s primary reason for existence.

I will not address this in depth here, but I can note the symptoms that lead me to this observation:

  • Disintegration of society and social norms, evidenced by rioting, rampant illegal drug use and also heavily prescribed medications across a huge swath of the US population
  • Marxism in government, the advance of the notion that the government “takes care of us”
  • Hegemony for its own sake, “the protection of US interests” having lost much of its meaning after the Cold War.
  • Massively increased religious persecution in the United States, somewhat hidden under the “Covid-19” narrative. Churches are closed, but pot shops are open. Religious activity is deemed non-essential, but massive crowds rioting and destroying other people’s property every night in multiple cities across America is apparently “safe” to do. No COVID spreading there… it must be the burning cars that guarantee safety, right?
  • and finally, (for now), a foreign policy that is singularly directed against Russia.

It would be one thing if Russia had resources that the US wanted or needed, but it has none. Sure, Russia has oil, but the US achieved energy independence under President Trump, so it does not need Russia’s oil. Russia is not a manufacturing nation either; it does not make anything the rest of the world wants (other than rocket engines and really sophisticated defense systems), but the United States also makes these.

Russia has one thing which apparently scares US wonks badly – a resurgent nationalism, oriented around traditional Christianity as the center and foundational framework of its society. This is what the United States itself had in the 1970’s and earlier, and it is no accident that the US was at the peak of its power and respectability while this was in effect. The fact that we as Americans could pray to God in any way, in freedom and at no risk of censure from the government was the single defining factor of US freedom that separated us from the Soviet Union.

But now, that is gone in the US: Christianity is openly mocked and attacked by the ruling class, while the Russian Federation has aligned herself solidly with Christianity. An effect of this is that the nation has a sense of purpose, it is very calm, relatively speaking, and its motivations are somewhat “disinterested” in regards to social norms as understood in the West, and that is an understatement.

So, Russia herself is neither an appealing land for conquest, nor it is a threat to the US. However, Russia’s people do like their country very much the way it is, and while they want to improve it, they do not wish to try to make it a copy of the US or anywhere else. In essence, “making Russia great again” has been President Putin’s work, and he has scored great successes, with many more still needed.

Pretty much everyone here (I live in Russia) knows this. As in the United States or anywhere else, we do not all agree on how to make the changes or what those changes should even be. But for the Russian people, it is very important that they determine their own course. They do not need the West to dictate how their land should be, and in fact, the West has turned to many things that the Russians, by and large a very conservative people, do not want and will not have.

When all this (and many more facts) are examined, we can see that Russia’s “aggression” is nothing of the kind. The country is trying to ensure its own security, to be free to pursue its own course within its own borders. Russia is not trying to export Communism or racism or democracy anywhere. She cooperates with everyone, but does not wish to change anyone but herself.

In other words, there is no aggression because there is nothing that the Russian Federation and its government feel the need to be aggressive about. However, NATO is aggressive. Ukraine is aggressive. Pro-Western forces are aggressive, still half-believing that “democracy” must be spread everywhere, though the track record of such “Democratic” reforms done to a number of nations has been abysmal in the last twenty or thirty years. Even the Americans who have long simply believed this notion of “exporting democracy because we enjoy it so much!” was real and noble, are tired of the wars that every president in modern history except Donald Trump started in their terms of office.

With the soft coup that took place under the noses of all American citizens, now the United States has a “loose cannon” leadership, armed with nuclear weapons, and with no guiding principles other than sheer caprice. This is the situation that more logical and sensible world leaders find themselves facing in their dealings with the American government. American citizens themselves see this in the rage expressed through Biden’t executive orders, which appear to be directed at taking apart every gain that President Trump made, simply because Mr. Trump did it. Directed at the rest of the world, perhaps after four years of no new wars, the power-mongers seem desperate to make up for lost time.

That, folks is not aggression. It is making a stand, and it is intended to give the madmen in Washington (probably mad feminist man-hating women, too!) a very significant moment of pause.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
April 23, 2021

re: “The problem is Joe Biden.” Biden is not “the problem” for the US. Biden is merely the visible, concrete SYMBOL” of the US problem, a former empire in its death throes, no longer capable of coherent thought nor action. The US politicians and media should stop fretting about China and Russia. Neither is our real enemy. Neither is going to destroy us. The US is in full self-destruct mode. We are our own worst enemy.

Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver
April 24, 2021

The whole problem with the Western world is ” GREED ” Greed in the minds of the Oligarchy , greed by the minions underneath them , greed by the Hollywood stars and wannabe stars , it goes on and on , down the spiralling staircase , it goes on forever , trying to be the richest , most powerful King of peasants , work for me or die peasant !! Well that is not for me , I prefer the Russian look of life , where everybody is treated fairly and honestly and given a healthy chance at life .

Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
Reply to  Rick Oliver
April 25, 2021

it’s a bit of an oversimplification perhaps, but excessive greed is definitely a big part of it. That, along with lack of a true value system, a lack of spiritual and human values, a lack of interest in learning and understanding anything but the mundane, etc. etc.

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