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Ukraine declares state of emergency in energy sector

Ukraine declares state of emergency in energy sector

Kiev has declared a state of emergency throughout Ukraine, in a further sign that the fascist regime may well collapse under its own weight.

Power stations throughout the country have been switched to emergency operations as neo-Nazi extremists physically block shipments of coal from the industrial Donetsk and Lugansk republics to Ukraine.

To make matters more embarrassing for Kiev, many Ukrainian coal-fired power stations are built specifically for the special kind of coal deposits from Donbass. This means that supplies from elsewhere would likely not be sufficient to generate electricity.

This leaves much of Ukraine with the real possibility of being without heating or electricity in the heart of winter.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister stated:

“Today we gathered the ministers to impose emergency measures in the power system of our country. I emphasize that this coal shortage was created absolutely artificially, and entire Ukraine knows the list of names of those people who did it. I stress that the government is ready and is rigorously fighting against any kind of contraband in every corner of Ukraine. But to fight against the Ukrainian society and people, is unacceptable”.

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In other words, the very fascists who helped bring about the illegal coup regime which has ruled from Kiev since 2014, are now engaging in open conflict with the government.

Although many paint the conflict in the region as a simple one between the two Donbass republics and Kiev, the reality is that Kiev’s government has many local opponents competing for who can be the most extreme, gluttonous, corrupt and extreme.

This combined with the fact that the lights may be literally going out does not bode well for the future of the regime nor the state itself.

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