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Here’s how I was censored for marching against fascism in The Immortal Regiment


Yesterday, I marched in my local Immortal Regiment, an event where millions throughout the world hold photos of loved ones, comrades and heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

This year, because of the fight against fascism currently transpiring in Donbass, Donetsk People’s Republic leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that people can additionally carry images of the fallen heroes of the Donabss people’s war for liberation against fascist aggression from the post-coup Ukrainian regime which was installed in February of 2014.

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During my march with the Immortal Regiment, I decided to bring with me a painting of Givi and Motorola, two fallen commanders of the forces of Donetsk, in order to pay tribute to their heroic fight, to highlight the tragedy of their terrorist assassinations and to reinforce that we must always remain vigilant against the forces of fascism that seek to subdue the world in the name of the most brutal ideology in the history of humanity. Fascists sought to destroy the civilised world in the 1940s and followers of this same vicious, wicked ideology seek to do the same today.

President Putin emphasised this concept during his speech on Victory Day.

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Givi and Motorola were heroes fighting for their homeland and their comrades. They were fighting for a better future for Donbass. They were fighting so that children  born in Donetsk and Lugansk today might grow up in a land free of fascism, violence and fear.

They were heroes not only to Donbass but to all those who oppose fascism, to all those who embody the spirit of the Great Patriotic War, that sacred war, that struggle for the survival of civilisation against evil.

But for Facebook, this seems not to be the case. The following picture was taken down and deleted from my Facebook profile without warning. After the fact, Facebook said that it had ‘violated community standards’.

givi photo

Perhaps it was because my eyes were closed at the moment the photographer captured the image? But in spite of the fact that Facebook gave zero explanation for their censorship, we can but surmise what they were after.

The western mainstream media machine, of which Facebook’s corporate owners are a part, are hellbent on white washing the fact that the Ukrainian regime is a fascist aggressor which has murdered thousands (mostly civilians) in Donbass over the last three years.

The Ukrainian regime is guilty of countless war crimes against Donbass, including the use of chemical weapons.

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Givi and Motorola were defending against this aggression, they were resisting those who seek to commit further atrocities against the people of Donbass. Givi, Motorola and those who are currently fighting the fascist enemy are on the same side of history as the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Those opposing them follow the same ideologies and creeds as did Adolf Hitler and notorious Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.

Facebook has shown its true colours. The photo of me with images of Givi and Motorola was a photo taken during a peaceful memorial event. I was paying tribute to heroic anti-fascist fighters. What does that make Facebook and their so-called community standards?

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