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This petition against Dove soap over their use of ‘transgenders’ is gaining steam

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A bizarre advertisement for Dove soap products has caused outrage. In the commercial for their products, a man dressed as a woman along with an apparent actual woman are both portrayed as ‘mothers’ of a young child. A petition has been started urging Dove which is owned by multi-national corporation Unilever, to understand some basic facts, namely that a man cannot be a mother.

The petition along with your opportunity to sign can be found here.

Conservative commentator Mark Dice was recently censored on Facebook for expressing his outrage at the Dove advertisement.

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Many people have theories as to why a corporate organisation would seek to manipulate basic facts of life in order to promote an idea that men can be mothers. Such a thing is simply impossible according to the most basic facts of biology. Only women can be mothers and only men can be fathers, it’s mindbogglingly basic.

With so many people focused on ‘how’ one could re-define basic biology, the bigger question is why?

The answer lies in a strange metaphysical and economic phenomenon that is as old as the concept of marketing itself: selling people what they don’t need for a price that many cannot afford.

When one has exhausted all forms of selling men’s products and women’s products, what does one do? One invents a new product, the ‘trans-man or trans-woman’ product, as it currently is defined by some.

But of course, they cannot state it so blatantly as it would look too much like what it is: a crude marketing stunt. So instead, one uses the tried and true methods of modern marketing and says that there is a market and moreover that said market needs new products. It’s a classic cause of ‘build it and they will come’.

In this case, they invent the product and then pretend that the need is pre-existing, when it fact the ‘need’ has been invented along with the product. All of the sudden, people think they need to alter their bodies, lifestyles and hobbies. They more importantly need to now buy special products of all varieties for these re-modelled bodies/lifestyles and even build new bathroom facilities for those new bodies.

And it is not just in products, the medical market and the building of new bathrooms where there is money to be made. Enter Bill Nye, known as ‘The Science Guy’. He made a career as a TV scientist who told young people the basics of physics, biology and chemistry.

He had a good product, but it reached its natural end point, so in the true entrepreneurial spirit, he reinvented science.

One clear example of Nye’s ‘reinvention’ marketing gimmick is that in an old episode of his ‘Science Guy’ show, he clearly explained the biological differences between human males and human females. Now he’s changed his tune and says there are a ‘kaleidoscope’ of genders. He’s even gone so far as to have Netflix remove the following clip from his old show where he seemed to be more of a science guy than a marketing guy.

Many people have simply been duped. They think that men are women and women are men and everyone can be this that or the other because it makes a lot of people a lot of money. It gives otherwise boring commentators air time, book deals and profitable websites. It gives companies like Dove a new way to sell more products. It gives promoters new events to put on and sponsors new places to get their brands visible.

It gives the PR industry an opportunity to cultivate new clients by selling and promoting things that just a few years ago were not even known items.

It’s quite an ingenuous move…that is to say if one thinks that the free market should have no morals or ethics.

If one believes that making money is a good thing but that it should not be at the expense of weakening traditional values, religion, basic science or a sense of social normalcy, then it is most certainly a bad thing.

People must forgo the lies and the deceit and ask themselves a question: where does capitalism end and decency begin?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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