SATIRE: Putin tying up lose ends – dumps Comey

As expected Vladimir Putin is tying up lose ends completing Russia’s take over of America’s political system. It has been a long, difficult, but rewarding operation. Everyone in Washington played their part masterfully (even if they did unwittingly).

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton followed Kremlin orders to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. The logic being no one in their right mind would vote for Donald Trump. The DNC up-ended the party by acting in the most undemocratic way. This was an important Kremlin objective.

While still classified behind Kremlin Wall, the Russians can’t take complete credit for influencing Clinton to run her own home brew email system – though many in the Kremlin read her emails with great delight (as many other intelligence agencies around the world).

The Kremlin made it look like Trump Team was cooperating.  Fake news was generated to make it appear “The Donald” had secret ties to Russian officials. This was an important strategic move as there is no evidence of such ties. Of course the ensuing scandal was expected. But with no “smoking gun” collusion with the Russians would eventually go away or forever haunt Trump – both outcomes satisfactory to the Kremlin.

The Russians fully understand American corporate media was and is in the pocket of the Democratic Party and fully backed candidate Clinton. Any scandal with regards to Trump would absorb enormous time and resources of the Democrats and media. This was also an important strategic decision: make the Democrats and media focus on a fake story while ignoring the grievances of the average voter.

Regarding Wikileaks, the Kremlin watched like the rest of the world. What Wikileaks revealed were leaks from disgruntled Democrats. Russia can’t take credit for this, but again was delighted to watch as events unfolded. Said differently – sometimes you get lucky!

With the election of Trump – no surprise to the Kremlin – it was time to clean house. Michael Flynn was expendable. Jeff Sessions needed to be cut down to size and Jim Comey’s usefulness had come to an end.

Primarily conclusion on Putin’s plan to “reform” the American political system: Americans are thin skinned and will believe just about anything.

Next step: It is under clear if the Kremlin intends to have Hillary Clinton prosecuted. Decision expected shortly.

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political discussion program “CrossTalk.” His employer may or may not agree with his opinions and views.

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