U.S. technology firms eye Greece for cheap labor

After you have already looted a country and there is nothing else to steal, exploit the labor

Western business interests may have already stolen everything that isn’t nailed down and taken a crowbar to what is, but that doesn’t mean that they are done yet.

There is still something to exploit: cheap labor. That’s right, U.S. technology firms are itching to take advantage of desperate people.

As reported by, U.S. Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said on Monday:

“The United States has a “strategic interest” in investing in Greece after the country comes out of the economic crisis”

The U.S. official spoke in a digital forum conference held in Athens, stressing that U.S. technology firms see good potential for investment in Greece. Furthermore, he said that there are many opportunities now that the country is emerging from the economic slump.

“The United States has a strategic interest in Greece’s economic success. We stand ready in the technology sector as in others to support Greece as it emerges from its long economic crisis and from the third review in August,” Pyatt said.

As Greece has strict intellectual property and anti-piracy laws, this makes it the best of both worlds seeing as how other countries that supply cheap labor to Western capitalists usually don’t have these restrictions set in place.

They will also be able to get cheap office space for these operations as internet auctions have been lowering the market value of property.

So the next time you think that thieves have stolen everything that there is to steal, think again.

Editor’s note: First salaries were depreciated in the name of “bailing out” Greece and keeping the country “within Europe” (where would it go? Antarctica?). Then, the “brain drain” commenced, allowing the countries “bailing out” Greece to benefit from the well-educated workforce which was fleeing the supposedly “bailed out” country.

Now, whoever is left behind can enjoy the fruits of these “bailouts” by serving as cheap labor for foreign technology firms, whose profits will not remain in Greece. This is the “success story” that the current “leftist” government is celebrating along with Pyatt and their mouthpieces in the press.

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