SYRIZA: Using weapons to defend your home equates with the "wild west," suggests pretending to sleep instead

88-year old ex-coast guard officer who defended his home from robbers now faces more charges than the robbers themselves

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As home robberies have reached epidemic proportions in Athens, the SYRIZA-led Greek government and its police force are advising citizens to “play dead.”
On March 27, the home of an 88-year old ex-coast guard officer in the Glyfada suburb of Athens was invaded by two would-be robbers. The two intruders were shot by the 88-year old, mildly injuring one in the arm.
Following this incident, the 88-year old is facing felony charges of intentional bodily harm, illegal possession of a weapon, illegal usage of a weapon, and providing false statements. He was freed after being detailed for 48 hours and is restricted from leaving the country.
The two suspects, in turn, a 28-year old Albanian and a 17-year old Greek, are facing felony robbery charges. The 28-year old is said to be detained in the Korydallos prison in Athens, while the 17-year old has been released on probation.
In other words, the 88-year old who defended his home and his body and well-being, is facing more charges than the intruders themselves, one of whom is again circulating freely on the streets.
The 88-year old, following his release, stated “I was scared for my life. I did not have an intent to kill. I only wanted to scare the intruders so that I would not be harmed.” In turn, the 28-year old suspect stated that he is a long-term drug abuser, did not remember the incident, apologized, and requested to be inducted into a detoxification program. The 17-year old claimed that he did not realize that he was going to take part in a robbery of the 88-year old.
Of course, the 88-year old’s probable mistake was that he didn’t simply roll over and play possum. In a highly arrogant interview broadcast on the Real FM radio station in Athens, Nikos Toskas, who holds the Orwellian title of “Citizen Protection Minister,” stated the following:

“This is not the Far West. A citizen cannot possess and use a weapon on their own just because they find themselves in a difficult situation. Here, laws must be enforced and it is the authorities which maintain the legal right to use force.”

Toskas, in the same interview, did not neglect to compare this incident to the recent Parkland school shooting (and probable false flag? The inconsistencies and discrepancies revealed by such outlets as CNN and by prominent commentators such a former cabinet member with the Reagan administration, raise many disturbing questions) in Florida as an example of the horrors of gun violence.
Continuing the absurdity, the Hellenic Police, in the aftermath of this incident, publicized a set of helpful “tips” for citizens on how to avoid escalating such incidents if they find themselves to be the victims of a home invasion:

“The goal of intruders is never to murder. Murders occur as a result of the panic which stems from the reaction of the victims… Pretend to be asleep instead… Do not start screaming because the first move of the intruders will be to paralyze (or kill) you or to silence you (some are suffocated).”

As if this ridiculousness weren’t enough, Toskas then defended the statement of the Hellenic Police, while somehow managing to turn this into a left-right issue, recycling stale SYRIZA talking points regarding “not taking a step back,” originally used by the government to describe its supposed defiant stance towards the country’s creditors (prior to taking many steps back and agreeing to the third memorandum):

“We will not take even one step back in our battle against far-right terrorism.”

Of course, what “far-right terrorism” has to do with a spate of home invasions is a question left unanswered by Toskas and his supporters.
This incident bears a resemblance to a recent case in the United Kingdom, where police have protected a memorial that was constructed for a slain serial burglar Henry Vincent, who was stabbed to death by the 78-year old owner of a home Vincent had invaded, imploring those who have attempted to tear down the memorial to “respect the wishes” of those who chose to pay tribute to the fallen crook.
As with the 28-year old Albanian suspect in the Glyfada home invasion, Vincent was a member of a “protected” class, the so-called “travelling community,” a euphemism for “gypsies.”
As for Greece, it is the SYRIZA-led government which prior to its election pledged to do away with the violent riot police, but now claims a “monopoly on the use of force” and chastises those who defend their home and their well-being from would-be invaders. This about-face has been met with, at best, silence by SYRIZA’s supporters, including those in the press. At the same time, a common complaint of citizens today has to do with almost non-existent police protection, where calls for most incidents, including home invasions, simply are not responded to, or are responded to with great delay.

Opinions expressed are those of the author alone and may not reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Hellenic Insider, its publisher, its editors, or its staff, writers, and contributors.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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