Migrant free-for-all in central Athens

Athens residents demonstrated against the abandonment of a major Athenian park that has become a drug haven

With a slogan of “we break the silence: imprison the dealers, care for the users,” approximately 500 Greeks took part in a demonstration earlier this month demanding action against the continued degradation of a major Athenian green space, the Pedion Tou Areos park. Demonstrators called for a dignified solution for all of the park’s neighbors and the victims of drug addiction.
If one takes a stroll from Omonoia Square, past the Athens Polytechnic and the Athens Archaeological Museum towards the Pedion Tou Areos park, you will pass areas that resemble Detroit. Graffiti is everywhere, and after dark there is a daily cat-and-mouse game between police and so-called anarchists, with petrol bombs thrown and tear gas expelled. It is not uncommon for roads in the area to be blocked off after 9 pm.
For over a decade, this area was overrun by migrants selling their wares: drugs, stolen mobile phones and counterfeit Chinese goods, while street crime reached epidemic proportions.
After repeated protests occurred in a square further away from central Athens, in the Agios Panteleomonas neighborhood, protests spread to the roads and areas surrounding Omonoia Square. These incidents contributed to a massive electoral swing, whereby a small inconsequential group called Golden Dawn, which previously didn’t even poll 1 percent, started to join citizens’ protests and was then set upon by Greek globalists masquerading as “leftists,” who used the Golden Dawn presence at these demonstrations as an excuse to label all of the citizens as being… Nazis.
Following this, the government was forced to act and pretended to clean up certain areas. The reality was that many Greeks left central Athens, as it had become unlivable. After all, if every time you left your front door you were accosted by migrants or drug addicts, robbed or assaulted, and if on top of that you faced the risk of being murdered in your own apartment, why bother staying? If you could get out you would. Those that couldn’t had no other choice.
It’s amazing that almost two decades after central Athens completely changed shape totally, there are still some remaining Greeks who are now protesting conditions in a centrally-located park which you can only walk through during the daytime hours, and even then obviously only to either buy drugs or, without exaggeration, to look for a little boy for sex.
Even RT has gotten ahold of this story recently and ran with it, while as far back as 2013, The Guardian was reporting that a drug known as “shisha,” which obviously was arriving in Greece via the notorious Afghani-Kosovo drug route, was readily available in the country.
Such are conditions in many parts of central Athens today, including the once-beautiful green oasis that is the Pedion tou Areos park, which has become an Athenian version of a “no-go” zone. Today, it looks like what few Greek residents remain in the area have had enough.
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