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Greek woman relives horror of gang rape by migrants at court hearing

Greek woman relives horror of gang rape by migrants at court hearing

A hearing was held for three migrants, ages 19, 22, and 29, hailing from Algeria and Syria, who were charged with gang-raping a 23 year old university student and attacking her boyfriend at a “solidarity” event for refugees held at the Aristotle University campus in Thessaloniki on October 2, 2016.
Both victims were attacked with broken bottles and tied up. The three suspects then forced the woman to perform oral sex on them. Inside the suspects’ apartment, police discovered drugs, stolen jewelry, and 5,500 euros in cash.
The Thessaloniki court of appeals sentenced the 29 and 22 year old Algerian suspects to 21 and 29 years in jail, respectively, while the 19 year old suspect was remanded to a juvenile court, as he was underage when the attack occurred.
The same apartment was shared by three more migrants, from Algeria, Syria, and Western Sahara, who were found guilty of drug possession and issued sentences ranging from 8 to 15 years.
One has to wonder whether the many voices of “solidarity,” including Greek feminists, the “antifa” movement, and the “progressive” mayor of Thessaloniki Yiannis Boutaris, will display any solidarity towards the rape victim and her boyfriend.

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