Greece's same sex marriage laws encourage illegal migration

Neoliberalism runs amok as “cohabitation agreements” are being promoted to migrants as a means to gain legal residency

In recent days, various news outlets have reported that the new Greek law allowing for “cohabitation agreements” between individuals of the same gender is now being employed as one of the new methods with which illegal migrants are attaining legal residency in Greece. Such agreements simply require one resident with Greek citizenship to be a party in the “co-habitation” agreement.
For years there were cases of dodgy marriages before many Eastern European countries joined the EU, and this trend spread to non EU countries like Moldova, Georgia, and others.
Not having any bar codes on national identification cards, a massive industry developed, producing fake ID cards which could not be checked. Such counterfeit ID cards were primarily used by Albanian migrants, until the Greek state “relaxed” its standards for granting citizenship. Albanians, Pontians from the former Soviet Republics, Armenians and others easily received citizenship, as long as they declared to Greek embassies abroad they had a Greek mother or father.
For the last few years, the propaganda has been so intense that a Nigerian basketball player has been promoted as being Greek, as he was born in the country. NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo has appeared in Aegean Airways advertisements promoting Greek tourism. The globalist propaganda linked to the Antetokounmpo is intense. Here, the message is that anyone who happens to be born in Greece is now considered Greek. Citizenship has become as fluid as gender. There are so many ways to skin a cat that soon identity will be purchased in an e-shop.
The new Greek law for cohabitation is heavily abused in order for illegal migrants to obtain Greek (and by extension EU) residence permit. With a residence permit, one can began the legalization process and travel within the EU. With a sham marriage for money, one can launch the process of attaining citizenship.

Copy of lawsuit filed against all responsible parties, alleging the practice of fraudulent co-habitation agreements with the purpose of granting legal status to migrants. Click to enlarge.

It’s unknown how many migrants are involved, but it could be hundreds or thousands as Greece is Europe’s migration bottleneck. This, of course, is no coincidence, as official Brussels fully supports mass replacement migration and will obviously find areas of the EU where the processing can be as smooth as possible. After all, it wasn’t long ago that Greek shipowners were busing in tens of thousands of alleged migrants under the excuse of the Syrian civil war.
(Editor’s note: Such issues are understandably a political “hot potato” which mainstream political parties refuse to touch, either due to their explicit or implicit support of mass migration at all costs, or due to reasons of political correctness. Despite allegations of widespread fraud and abuse of the system, it bears noting that only the far-right Golden Dawn party, via its MP Giannis Lagos, has thus far filed a lawsuit against all responsible parties, in response to these alleged abuses. With all other political parties ignoring the issue for their own reasons, it then becomes easy to brand this matter as one that concerns only “fascists” and the far-right).
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