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Brief analysis: Erdogan deflates, won't interfere with American drilling in Cyprus' EEZ

Erdogan runs out of hot air as he stands down in the face of American drilling in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone

Well, that was a surprise! (Not really)
After all the hot air from Ankara, about not being afraid of the US military, comes the announcement that Turkey will NOT interfere with American drilling in the EEZ of Cyprus.
Perhaps they should consider changing the name from Turkey, to “Chicken”; it suits them more.
Although Ankara has blown its usual hot air about not being afraid of the US military when it comes to its national interests, they were very careful not to include the one plot in the Cyprus EEZ that concerns Exxon Mobil, an American concern.
Talk is cheap and it’s mostly for domestic consumption and intimidation, but even the crazy sultan knows that he can’t mess with US interests.
The light blue and pink on the map indicate the two illegal NAVTEXs Turkey has issued. Plot #10 is “US interests.”
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