Ghosts from winters past: "Combat 18" re-emerges in Athens

Is SYRIZA playing up the “far-left versus far-right” chasm in order to score electoral points?

The electoral circus has started in earnest in Greece. SYRIZA is once again taking the baton by fighting… fascism. The Greek media has recently featured report after report regarding the infamous “Combat” 18 neo-nazi outfit that hasn’t been heard of in decades, but which has allegedly resurfaced in Athens.
Of course when one fights “fascism” in Greece, that does not imply aiming to end the economic genocide imposed by the EU-IMF that has led to unofficial unemployment of around 35 percent, over 20,000 suicides, the collapse of the health care system and the premature deaths which have followed, or the turning of Greeks into a minority in their own country via the importation of tens of thousands of illegal migrants.
The mother of one of those young lads caught and accused of participating in “Combat 18,” stated recently on a talk show on Greek television that her son is innocent:

They told us that my son was participating in a terrorist organisation and by searching his room thoroughly! They found flares in his room which were for Easter and some fertilizer for some fields we own.

The mother stated that her son had no relationship with far-right organisations:

My son spent many hours at home. He went to religious school on the weekends. He hardly went out and was one of the best kids. There is no chance he is involved in such things. Now why they are accusing him I don’t know.
My son is very religious. He asked me to provide him with the bible in the cell they are holding him.

When ex-prine minister Antonis Samaras fell out with Golden Dawn for not backing him in parliament to prop up his ailing government, the Greek “deep state” set in motion the theory and practice of the so-called “two extremes” (far right versus far left). The subsequent death of the alleged anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas and two Golden Dawn members led to Golden Dawn being branded a “criminal” organisation. Golden Dawn’s MPs were arrested for show, imprisoned and then released.
A “criminal trial” was started in 2015 which has progressed in fits and starts. Its main culprit, a man by the name of Giorgos Roupakias who admitted to killing Fyssas, isn’t even in prison. “Combat 18” might be the new myth that has created to move on from bothering Golden Dawn, as it has revealed in their practice that it is systemic, like all of other parties in the Greek parliament.
After all, SYRIZA received the votes it required from Golden Dawn to establish the parliamentary committee of investigation for the so-called “Novartis scandal,” which the government assumes will provide it with a few months of electoral projection by going after ex-prime minister Samaras, former leader of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) Evangelos Venizelos, and the current second in command of New Democracy, the ex-health minister Adonis Georgiadis.
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