“Two mums are better than one” Mother’s Day card promoted at UK supermarket

Gender neutral Mother’s Day, “Happy You Day” card.

The war on traditional families continues with a new greeting card touting the benefits of having two moms or being raised by a transgender mother (whatever that means). Just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day.

UK supermarket chain Waitrose is jumping on the gender-neutral bandwagon with a card for all those two mothers households.

The gender neutral card reads, “Happy You Day”, and is included in the retailer’s Mother’s Day range, reports The Sunday Times.

The company says the cards are aimed at “broadening out who the cards can go to, whether it’s grandmas or transgender mums.”

Waitrose has been joined by other retailers, including Scribbler, whose Mother’s Day offerings include a “Two mums are better than one” card for same-sex couples and a “Dad, thanks for being the most amazing mum” card.

The changes come after calls by some trans activists to rename Mother’s Day. Suggestions include Guardian’s Day and Carer’s Day. The Sunday Times

According to Zerohedge, several schools, including High Bank School in West Yorkshire and Consett Junior School in Durham have changed the holiday to “Special Person’s Day” or “Mother’s and Special Person’s Day.”

Pick a gender, any gender, or don’t.

Waitrose’s “Happy You Day” card the latest gender-neutral accommodation in what has been a year of change.

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