May describes concerns over humans rights violations as “mansplaining”

Feminism strikes back against Mansplaining in British Parliament

When confronted about human rights issues going on in Saudi Arabia, who May is conducting a major arms sale with, British Prime Minister simply responds to Parliament’s Labour Party leader with ridicule together with the accusation that his concerns are “mansplaining”, and therefore don’t merit a response.

Jeremy Corbyn, after pointing out that Thursday is International Women’s Day, asked if the Prime Minister would call on the Saudi prince to bring a halt to gross human rights violations that are a matter of policy, including the imprisoning of dissidents, torture, human rights defenders being imprisoned for lengthy terms, and unfair trials and executions as she discusses arms sales to this Middle Eastern nation.

The point that Corbyn brings up is a very valid point. How can one boast about celebrating human rights while completely overlooking some of the grossest of human rights violations on Earth. Apparently, identity politics can be used to obfuscate any legitimate conversation and suggests that usage of the term mansplaining has now become a way of making any man’s political disagreement with a female seem improper.

Not only is May choosing to ignore Saudi Arabia’s blatant human rights violations, but she is in the midst of arming this nation, which funds and arms radical terrorist organization is in the midst of a violent war in Yemen which has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Yemenis. Add to which the blockade that the Saudis have erected in the nation that leaves millions under threat of severe starvation.

This is, of course, not to mention the many war crimes that have been committed by the Saudis over the course of this war. Other nations have received western sanctions for far less than this, yet Saudi Arabia garners no attention for its crimes, let alone any actions being taken by the West to address them in any way.

Britain has been enabling these war crimes and human rights violations with extensive trade and arms contracts with the Saudis. Here, when confronted about the issue, British Prime Minister Theresa May deflects attention away from it to accuse Corbyn of “mansplaining”.

Apparently, human rights means that no man can have a meaningful conversation with a woman if the topic of that conversation is something they want to avoid without being guilty of some form of sexism. Women’s progress in the West also appears to be far more important than very real much more concerning human rights issues the world over.

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May describes concerns over Saudi humans rights violations as “mansplaining”