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ARRESTED: Bill Browder detained in Spain on Interpol warrant

Just months after being detained by Swiss authorities, Bill Browder has once again been arrested.

UK businessman Bill Browder, who is wanted by Russia for tax evasion, said on Wednesday that he had been detained by the Spanish police on the Russian international arrest warrant.

“In the back of the Spanish police car going to the station on the Russian arrest warrant. They won’t tell me which station,” Browder wrote on Twitter.

Who is Bill Browder?

Neither Spanish police nor the UK Home Office could immediately confirm the report regarding Mr Browder, who is a UK citizen.

He has led a campaign that has seen several western countries, including the US and most recently the UK, to adopt sanctions against Russian officials allowing it to freeze assets and withhold visas from Russian officials.

Moscow is in the process of trying to extradite Browder to Russia for crimes of tax evasion.

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