Deep State’s media arm shows Roseanne the door after she bites the hand

ABC’s first number one TV program in 24 years is axed immediately – simply because an important Obama staffer was lampooned

Two months ago, the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) launched a hit reboot of the sitcom series Roseanne.

The series received remarkably wide acclaim, and the admittedly crass comedienne Roseanne Barr aroused quite a bit of attention by portraying herself on this program as a Trump supporter.

Yesterday, the network canceled their own hit program. Why? Because Roseanne tweeted a slur directed at former President Obama’s prima adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

Here is what it looked like:

muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby = vj [sic] [Valerie Jarrett]

That is all it took, and ABC’s hit series is now canceled.

However, ABC is apparently trying to cover their tracks. This morning on Google, all the search queries show massive loading of either the cancellation of the show, or the idea that ABC was “already thinking about it before this happened.”

An initial search done to look at the nature of Roseanne as a hit gave four solid pages of results only about the cancellation and that ABC was already considering canceling this show. However, it is interesting that this “consideration” only surfaced today, when according to a pre-tweet story, ABC proudly proclaimed that Roseanne was their first number one program in 24 years.

Roseanne has, for her part, apologized. However, the outrage far outweighs the actual nature of the comment. Here is the comment again:

muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby = vj [sic]

Contrast this with Saturday Night Live’s relentless lampooning of President Trump, Kathy Gifford’s bloody Trump head and her non-apology afterwards, and many other such examples.

This is the media arm of the Deep State in action.

This is power. Great power.   

The comment Roseanne made is being called “vile” and “extremely racist,” and other extreme adjectives.

But it is actually neither racist, nor vile. Tacky? Yes. That is Roseanne’s schtick. The very nature of her humor and it is loud and abrasive, and there was nothing in her tweet that was unusual for her comedic style.

But what happened was that she bit the hand that was feeding her. The Obama embeds, the super liberals and anti-Christian activists that staff much of the US’ major media outlets, TV channels, and Hollywood, were not having this. Attack Trump all you like. Push it to the limit, like Kathy Gifford did. It’s cool. But don’t bite the hand, and never, NEVER attack Obama or his people. You got that, Roseanne? If you do, we will destroy you.

This is the message that was sent. It is stunning and it has never been said as clearly and brazenly as we see here.

It is important to understand that this issue is not about a set of vile statements. Roseanne herself is widely known for her crude comedy. But this time her candid honesty got her in trouble with the Deep State. And she is going to be made to pay dearly for that transgression.

That is the story.

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