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Yulia Tymoshenko wants total war on Donbass

Yulia Tymoshenko is best remembered as a totally corrupt Ukrainian Prime Minister who served under the equally compromised and corrupt President  Victor Yushchenko.

Although Yushchenko’s regime was more or less doomed to infamy from the start, having come to power in the wake of the so-called ‘Orange revolution’, Tymoshenko did her best to play all sides against each other, opting to lie prostrate under any world leader or domestic oligarch, in order to attempt to enhance her domestic standing and her personal wealth.

His antics got her imprisoned for abuse of power in 2011, even though both the US and Russia challenged the impartiality of her trial. She was released in 2014.

Ever since then she’s been trying to find some way to yet again grab power. Thus far, none of her post 2014 power grab attempts have been successful. Her recent meeting with Donald Trump, apparently did not go as well as she claims it did, but on her ‘triumphal’ return to Kiev, she unveiled her flagship policy, total war against Donbass.

Yes, one needn’t be Hillary Clinton to be a vicious female politician with perpetually failed presidential ambitions. Russian website, have reported that her proposals for her forthcoming attempt to seize power include declaring martial law in Donbass, naming the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk ‘occupied territories’.

This would ultimately require a full declaration of war on the republics, this at a time when Donald Trump’s administration has said the US must work with Russia to insure peace. Tymoshenko clearly disagrees, she wants war and lots of it.

With many whispering that Poroshenko’s leadership is on thin ice, there is a possibility that Tymoshenko may slip into power. I however believe this is unlikely. If the US and Russia want to work to promote a compromise leader in Kiev, the extremist Tymoshenko, the bridesmaid who has never been a bride, would be one of the worst possible choices.

Furthermore, even amongst supporters of the fascist regime, many feel that Tymoshenko is a pure opportunist without an ounce of loyalty to any cause.

She is clearly a fraud and the further she says from power, the better it will be for Donbass.

Ultimately the Donbass republics need full recognition of their political independence. In the short term, they simply need peace and a return to normalcy. Tymoshenko cannot and will not provide any of this.

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