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Fake news media find a connection between Putin and the Super Bowl

Weeks after CBS television ran a fake news hit piece on RT, they’re at it again. This time they’ve taken a joke between NFL team New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and President Putin and reporting it as though it is some sort of odd Cold War style scandal.

The story goes that when Kraft visited Moscow, he met with Putin and gave him one of his many Super Bowl rings. CBS reports a long-standing joke that Kraft tells about how Putin ‘stole’ the ring with the help of KGB agents. The fact that the KGB hasn’t existed for decades ought to be a clue that the story is intentionally farcical in nature.

Kraft first met Putin in 2005, a kind of typical meeting between a prominent international businessman and the President of an important country. But to read the story on the CBS website, one would think that Putin had actually ‘stolen’ the ring in the same way that the Democrats alleged that he ‘stole’ the US election.

One has to go to the very end of the article to read an official statement from Kraft’s spokesman that says that the ‘stolen ring story’ is a joke Kraft tells to people on and off over the years and in reality he has great respect for Putin and the job he did to fix Russia’s economy.

When I came across the story, I was certain I was reading a satire website, I literally had to check several times to make sure I was actually on the website of CBS news….I was.

This comes on the heels of InfoWars reporting that many have compared yesterday’s sensational Super Bowl comeback to Donald Trump’s campaign. Some are even claiming that New England’s victory had to do with ‘white supremacy’ which makes zero sense as both teams, which both played exceptionally well have black and white players who all did a fine job in one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever.

The degree to which fake stream media have polarized the American public has sto0ped so low that the true believers have scraped the bottom of the barrel, trying to politicize a game that ought to be a time to put politics aside and enjoy the entertainment of the healthy competition between America’s two best NFL teams.

But it seems that far from being a thrilling evening of sport, both Putin and Trump are responsible. You couldn’t make it up.

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