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Putin, Trump to Hold Long and Substantive Meeting on Sidelines of G20

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands as they take part in a family photo at the APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam November 10, 2017. Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin via REUTERS

Via Sputnik News

In October, Putin said that Moscow was ready to discuss the possible US withdrawal from the INF Treaty with Washington’s partners without any “hysteria” and expressed hope that he would be able to touch upon this issue during his meeting with Trump in Paris.

The Putin-Trump meeting in Paris will be brief. The two presidents will have a full-scale meeting at the G20, according to a Kremlin aide.

“The G-20 meeting will be long and thorough, and in Paris, it will be short, brief,” presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said.

According to him, a meeting in Buenos Aires is still being agreed upon.

“It’s hard to say an approximate meeting time, it’s impossible at present,” Ushakov noted.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump will meet on the sidelines of events to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I in Paris on November 11.

On October 20, Trump said the United States would withdraw from the INF, claiming that Moscow was not complying with the agreement.

The Kremlin rejected the accusations, adding that Russia would be forced to take measures to ensure its security if the treaty is terminated by the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on October 28 that Washington had handed over to Russia a list of complaints regarding the implementation of the accord and that Moscow was preparing its response to the US concerns.

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Walter Dublanica

A trump/Putin meeting in Washington would be risky for both of them,since the “deep state” hates both of them. Better to meet in a safer place.

Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder

Here is an interesting look at recent comments from Vladimir Putin about the eventuality of nuclear war:

Unlike his American counterparts in Washington, at least Mr. Putin realizes that a nuclear exchange cannot be won.


President Trump’s two warmongers National Security Advisor John R. Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, will be standing at President Trump’s elbow the whole time to make sure President Trump does not say or do some thing they don’t like him say or do. These two are doing everything can to start World War III with Russia.

Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe

And Putin is going to trust this false-flagging pro-terrorist war-criminal media-spinning deal-breaking NWO/Deep-State Zio-liar again!!


Russian Army is 5 years killing in Ukraine allready


I think Putin understands that meeting with the puppet Trump is at the end of the day, inconsequential as the real power in the U$ is concentrated in the hands of its shadow government!

thomas malthaus

I question how many issues of mutual interest that the US may move off the schneid on?

It becomes a question to many posters of whose economy will collapse or whose military will launch first.

Decisions, decisions.

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