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US leaving INF will put nuclear non-proliferation at risk & may lead to ‘complete chaos’

Via RT

If the US ditches the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), it could collapse the entire nuclear non-proliferation system, and bring nuclear war even closer, Russian officials warn.

By ending the INF, Washington risks creating a domino effect which could endanger other landmark deals like the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and collapse the existing non-proliferation mechanism as we know it, senior lawmaker Konstantin Kosachev said on Sunday.

The current iteration of the START treaty, which limits the deployment of all types of nuclear weapons, is due to expire in 2021. Kosachev, who chairs the Parliament’s Upper House Foreign Affairs Committee, warned that such an outcome pits mankind against “complete chaos in terms of nuclear weapons.”

“Now the US Western allies face a choice: either embarking on the same path, possibly leading to new war, or siding with common sense, at least for the sake of their self-preservation instinct.”

His remarks came after US President Donald Trump announced his intentions to “terminate” the INF, citing alleged violations of the deal by Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly denied undermining the treaty, pointing out that Trump has failed to produce any evidence of violations. Moreover, Russian officials insist that the deployment of US-made Mk 41 ground-based universal launching systems in Europe actually violates the agreement since the launchers are capable of firing mid-range cruise missiles.

Leonid Slutsky, who leads the Foreign Affairs Committee in parliament’s lower chamber, argued that Trump’s words are akin to placing “a huge mine under the whole disarmament process on the planet.”

The INF Treaty was signed in 1987 by then-President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The deal effectively bans the parties from having and developing short- and mid-range missiles of all types. According to the provisions, the US was obliged to destroy Pershing I and II launcher systems and BGM-109G Gryphon ground-launched cruise missiles. Moscow, meanwhile, pledged to remove the SS-20 and several other types of missiles from its nuclear arsenal.

Pershing missiles stationed in the US Army arsenal. © Hulton Archive / Getty Images ©

By scrapping the historic accord, Washington is trying to fulfill its “dream of a unipolar world,” a source within the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“This decision fits into the US policy of ditching the international agreements which impose equal obligations on it and its partners, and render the ‘exceptionalism’ concept vulnerable.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov denounced Trump’s threats as “blackmail” and said that Washington wants to dismantle the INF because it views the deal as a “problem” on its course for “total domination” in the military sphere.

The issue of nuclear arms treaties is too vital for national and global security to rush into hastily-made “emotional” decisions, the official explained. Russia is expecting to hear more on the US’ plans from Trump’s top security adviser, John Bolton, who is set to hold talks in Moscow tomorrow.

President Trump has been open about unilaterally pulling the US out of various international agreements if he deems them to be damaging to national interests. Earlier this year, Washington withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program. All other signatories to the landmark agreement, including Russia, China, and the EU, decided to stick to the deal, while blasting Trump for leaving.

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I think we all know the answer, but the best question to ask Trump, over and over again, is ‘Why?’. Stealing more money from the taxpayers to bolster the stock of Lockheed, Raytheon, and Boeing, while disregarding the threat withdrawal poses to all of us is an issue that should have traction with the American electorate at the current time.

Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe



Know what, and this will fly in the face of many, but thank god for giving up the charade. The US, Russia and all world powers have been pissing on the treaty before the ink had dried. At least now the act is over and we can go forward realising one more truth of who we’re dealing with instead of leading a merry dance.America has been itching to end the deal while Russia and other powers have been wise to Americas secret acts to undermine everyone elses security. Ending the deal will hopefully make real the lies the powers are… Read more »


This is nothing more then a John Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo behind this move since they are now running the White House Foreign Policies. They both would like nothing more then see a War with Iran, Russia and China because they both just dream of all those dead Iranian, Russian and Chinese people. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has even made a public statement about loving to see lots of dead Russian People.

Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe

Dirty lying sneaky Yanks have been maliciously, slyly and predictably violating this pact all along – and, as always, could never be trusted to keep to it in the first place anyway. They cannot be trusted with any pro-democracy peace-favoring agreement – as we have all seen many times over already.

john mason
john mason

let the US leave, they have been violating the INF ever since the USSR ceased to exist. Next will be the START then WTO and hopefully the UN. Good riddance to a bad, rotten apple.

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