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The Fantasy World Of The Guardianista

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

It is a standing joke in certain right wing circles that Guardian readers whine about the oppression of the working class while sending their own kids to private schools, and that they are outraged at the slightest hint of racism while living in exclusively white neighbourhoods.

As discussed in a previous article, the Guardian has a financial structure that makes it more or less independent of sales and advertising revenue. It also has an ideological structure that makes it impervious to facts on the few occasions it bothers to seek them out. Here are a few examples going back to the turn of the Millennium.

A farcical trial and 13 years of racist abuse in jail – the story of Satpal Ram ran the Observer headline on its sister paper’s website, Sunday, January 30, 2000. This article by Jay Rayner was published under Race issues in the UK when it should have been published under crime, specifically murder.

Ram murdered a stranger in an Indian restaurant over a triviality. Clarke Pearce was stabbed in the back with a flick knife – an illegal weapon. Ram gloated over him as he lay dying, then fled the crime scene with the murder weapon in his hand. This article is full of lies, taking Ram and his supporters at their word uncritically, but by this time he had already lost two appeals, the second being dismissed in a strongly worded judgment by Lord Justice Beldam (who died last October).

The one thing that may be said in defence of the Guardian over this article is that its comment on the case was typical. Ram’s Wikipedia entry contains similar lies, which it has refused to correct. After being parolled, Ram was recalled to prison for breaching his life licence, and spent several more years behind bars.

Another case the Guardian has championed is that of Linda Carty, on death row in Texas. Although Carty is black, so were all her co-defendants, and the victim was a young Hispanic woman, the mother of a four day old baby, so playing the race card wasn’t an option, therefore, along with Carty’s corrupt appellate team, the paper blamed her lawyer Jerry Guerinot for her predicament, claiming he was totally inept.

Much has been made of the fact that Guerinot had more clients on death row than any lawyer in America, but there is a big nuance here. Guerinot practised in Harris County, Texas, the death penalty capital of America, and he was a court-appointed lawyer who was given the worst of the worst to defend, including serial killers. Although she committed only one murder, Carty is among the worst of the worst, certainly for the female of the species.

A much more recent murder case has also featured in the Guardian. In November 2014, Farieissia Martin stabbed her lover Kyle Farrell through the heart, and was rightly convicted. In October 2019, Farrell was portrayed as the perpetrator and Martin as the victim – Intimate terrorism – indeed. Martin goes on trial again next month following a spurious appeal manufactured the same way the Magson appeal was manufactured, not that the Guardian would ever suggest that.

This month, one of the paper’s resident feminist airheads compared Brett Kavanaugh with Brett Jones, claiming the former was “credibly accused of committing sexual assault when he was a 17-year-old”. No, he wasn’t, Christine Blasey Ford simply made that claim up, as her attorney has now as good as admitted. Brett Jones murdered his grandfather at the age of fifteen.  You can read the gory details here in the Supreme Court ruling on his whole life tariff, which Brett Kavanaugh upheld. Whether or not Jones deserves a second chance at some point, the cases of the two Bretts are hardly comparable.

The latest nonsense from the Guardian on race is that the white race doesn’t really exist. The fact that racial bigotry exists is neither here nor there, nor has this ever been only and entirely a “white thing”. At this very moment, that people are being murdered in Burma/Myanmar is just one sad reminder of this. But we shouldn’t be too surprised by such claims because at the moment the same types of lunatics who write for the Guardian are also telling us that racism can be found everywhere and in everything, that men can be women, and, get this, that biological sex doesn’t really exist.

But for all its championing of “oppressed” minorities, let it not be forgotten that the paper also has kind words for multimillionaire Hunter Biden. On April 10, its Washington correspondent told the world this was the scandal that wasn’t. Biden had an affair or at least a one night stand with a young woman, and denied the paternity of her child until a DNA test proved otherwise. He was kicked out of the Navy, lied on an official form, a background check for a firearm, sold access to his father, and laundered money through both Ukraine and China, yet to the Guardian he exhibits “searing honesty” about his struggles against addiction. Welcome to the fantasy world of the politically correct elite.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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