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Steve Turley weighs in on Ukraine – Russia “Conflict” [Video]

This is remarkably on-target for American audiences.

We want to present Dr Steve Turley, who speaks here about the “war drums” beating in Western media, offering us a new war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. He does an excellent job describing the situation (though, admittedly, we could pick at a few particular issues I think he does not have correct). He also does a very good job putting things in perspective, that if anything, the “buildup” of Russian forces near the Eastern Ukrainian border regions is designed to give Ukraine a moment of pause before attacking rebel forces in Donbass.

In short, the only way Ukraine can come through this unscathed is for the American response to it. In other words:

Joe Biden.

I covered in my own piece here the notion that Joe Biden is the biggest problem in the Russia-Ukraine-US equation because he is unstable, thereby making the United States itself unstable. There are a lot of hawkish neoliberal and neocon people that have an insane urge to go to war with Russia through Ukraine as a proxy. The worst aspect of this is that there are Ukrainian people who think this would be a good idea, too.

Dr. Steve’s response to this is worth listening to and watching. While I personally think a war is extremely unlikely, it would happen because of a flawed American response, not because of a flawed Russian response, and like Dr. Steve, I do not trust the American government to act wisely in this situation, especially given that Imposter Joe called Vladimir Putin a murderer recently.

Unhinged and unwise.

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April 15, 2021
April 15, 2021
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Too bad he has no understanding of the events in Ukraine. How the Western Nazi Bandera supporters occupied government buildings. Yanukovich was a weak, corrupt leader and released everyone the police arrested. When he heard they were coming to kill him, he fled. No mention of the Odessa Massacre. The silence of western people proves their lives are meaningless to the West. When the Eastern Ukrainians behaved in the exact same manner as the West, they sent tanks and airplanes to kill them. Mark Parubuy and friends are busted for sniping the idiots in Kiev. Look up the Crimea Parliament… Read more »

April 15, 2021

Corrections to this presentation: 1) there was no Russian “invasion” of Crimea, that formulation was spread by Barack Obama. Russia maintained its naval base with a 16,000 man garrison before the referendum; Not a single soldier crossed its international border: 2) Ukraine is seeking to avoid compliance with the previously agreed to upon Minsk Protocalls requiring that it grant special status to the breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and negotiate directly with its representatives. President Zelensky is now seeking NATO membership so as to draw US military support for an offensive against the Donbass republics. 3) Russia’s response has… Read more »

April 16, 2021

Idiot U S Ambassador needs to explain Why Russia would saddle itself with economic basket case.

April 16, 2021

Quote, ” the “buildup” of Russian forces near the Eastern Ukrainian border regions is designed to give Ukraine a moment of pause before attacking rebel forces in Donbass.”Unquote. Really ? and HOW does the author know this ?? Dose he have an inside line to the Russian Government or something ??? Ever since the COUP in Ukraine, critics have been persuing the idea of Russia taking over the Ukraine without any substantiating evidence to support their claims. The Russian leader and his representatives have on many ocassions stated publicly via the media, that they are not the least bit interested… Read more »

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