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SOTU and impeachment wins put Trump on the offensive [Video]

For the first time in many years, Trump and the GOP have the upper hand. Will they run with it or flake out?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Dr Steven Turley posted an amazingly thorough summary of the effects felt in the Democrat Party by President Trump’s acquittal from the impeachment charges and the surprising temper tantrum by a hapless and enraged Nancy Pelosi, who (after preparation) tore up the pages of the President’s State of the Union address the night before his acquittal. These events are both the culmination of the Democrat Party’s latest attempt at doing something to derail or even remove the President, and they outline the extent of Democrat hysteria and insanity. But there is more: they also gave the GOP and Donald Trump the reins to do whatever they want. This has served to energize President Trump, who wasted no time going on the offensive, starting with two speeches – one at the National Prayer Breakfast, and the other, what might be called a “victory celebration confab” in the East Room of the White House, where the President held no punches. The video presentation is excellent and far encompassing and we highly recommend watching all of it:

The President and Turning Point USA wasted no time taking Speaker Pelosi’s speech-ripping moment and turning her behavior entirely against her. It is worthy of note that when her spokesperson tried to force Twitter and Facebook to stop running this clip:

Both social media networks actually refused to take it down, noting that there was nothing in what was shown that was untrue. Despite many complaints about the liberal bias of these platforms, they both are still running the clip for everyone to see. And, why not? In this action, Nancy Pelosi revealed the utter ineffectiveness and uselessness of the presently radicalized American Democrat Party. It is probably not to the social media outlets’ advantage to take such a telling post down, any more than it would be for Twitter to refuse President Trump’s own access to that network, despite Twitter’s evident bias against the President.

This is one time that the pursuit of dollar signs is actually helping the truth get out. This shows that it can happen.

The question now is this:

The GOP has more opportunity to go on the offensive, to run down all the Deep State and Obama embeds and get rid of them than it has ever had. This situation is, of course, far older than President Obama’s term. Some of the Deep Staters are the globalist, war-mongering elites of the supposed “military-industrial complex”. Whether this structure actually exists or not, these people, like John Bolton, Mitt Romney, John Brennan and others have made fortunes from manipulating foreign policy, sending US troops into wars that have no purpose, certainly not defensible as “countering real threats to the security of the American people.”

However, there are still notable signs of weakness, by design, in the doings on Capitol Hill. The first, and most telling, is Lindsey Graham’s attempt to “punt” the matter to some other authority. Perhaps this is because Lindsey defends his friendship with the former Vice President, a friendship long held and known about. According to this piece in The Washington Post, the two had a good personal and professional relationship in early years, and even last month, Senator Graham noted that Joe Biden is and was “one of the finest men I know.”

It is certainly understandable that the Senator is reluctant to go after his friend. Any of us would want to defend those we care about, even if they were clearly involved in something terribly wrong. Perhaps Graham’s attempt to punt the investigation into Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s alleged corruption in Ukraine to the Department of Justice is his way of trying to keep out of personally going after his friend.

However, this is representative of the problems in Washington. It is almost impossible that friendships – even and especially across party lines – should never develop. However, in any long-standing establishment, the potential for a little “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” turns into even more corruption. This got so bad that when the change-maker came in, resistance was strong, sneaky and immediate.

Anyone who has ever experienced a corporate restructuring can assent to the psychology of resistance to change, no matter how vitally necessary the change is. When hard decisions come, when those who have been riding off the system have to be exposed, called out and removed, the establishment of the company resists, with all its might, and often without logic or reason at all.

Nothing is different in terms of the US government, except for the fact that the laws that are supposed to bind most of us have a way of getting trampled on in D.C., so that all kinds of criminal and dishonest, and unlawful or unethical things happen without anyone truly responsible getting dealt with for it.

Now we are going to see this tested. Attorney General Bill Bar, John Durham, Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and President Trump are taking the offensive to the Swamp in the most direct manner possible. Mitt Romney already cracked, due to his own personal animus against the President, most likely. But Lindsey Graham, once a staunch “never Trumper” and now his “biggest supporter” is going to be put to the test, and how he responds will be watched by many millions of hopefully skeptical and vocal Americans.

The establishment may get exposed. It knows this.

And the real fight may just be beginning.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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February 13, 2020

But I firmly believe that this fight will not, and cannot begin in earnest until after November 2020. That will be when we will finally know, once and for all, what Trumps true intentions are. I remain skeptically hopeful. My hopes are not that Trump is the direct path to some sort of infantile political utopia. My hopes are that he will move towards a meaningful rapprochement with Russia, dismantle the CIA, and be a central figure, along with Putin, in pulling down the Malthusian Globalist New World Order, returning the western world to a democratic Westphalian nation-state based model.… Read more »

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