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Trump Withdraws Treasury Nomination Of Former US Attorney Jessie Liu – Who Oversaw Flynn, Stone Cases

Trump Withdraws Treasury Nomination Of Former US Attorney Jessie Liu – Who Oversaw Flynn, Stone CasesTue, 02/11/2020 – 20:05

Tyler Durden

President Trump withdrew the nomination of former US attorney for DC, Jessie Liu to the #3 spot

The Great Lou Dobbs Reveals Stunning Information about U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu Connected to Wolfe Case Cover-up…

Posted on February 11, 2020by sundance

Wow, earlier tonight the great Lou Dobbs shared some incredible information with his audience that highlights just how Machiavellian the DC system of tiered justice can be.

In a tremendous exposé on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs, the intrepid bringer of sunlight outlined how the Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director James Wolfe leaked the FISA application used against Carter Page and how DC U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu dropped all charges related to the leak and instead only charged Wolfe with one count of lying to FBI investigators.   Wolfe only received a 60 day sentence.  WATCH:

Devin Nunes in Wolverine Mode: This is Only The Beginning of Sunlight on The Mueller Team…

Posted on February 11, 2020by sundance

Devin Nunes appears with Lou Dobbs and breaks the news on national media the nomination of former DC Attorney Jessie Liu was withdrawn.  Mr. Nunes went on to discuss the issues around the DOJ and Deep State resistance effort and then contrasts the sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone against the 30-day sentence for SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.

The Corruption and Influence of Jessie K Liu…

Posted on April 14, 2019by sundance

What do the following four points have in common?

  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding the Awan brothers; and how they escaped full accountability, likely due to need to protect politicians. (House of Representatives)  The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding SSCI Security Director James Wolfe; and how he was allowed to plea only to lying to investigators when the evidence was clear from the outset how he leaked classified information to his journalist concubine. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians. (SSCI, Senate) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding Obama lawyer Greg Craig; and how he escaped accountability for FARA violations by running out the statute of limitations and burying Mueller’s evidence for 18 months.  Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians (Obama White House).  Sweetheart double standards.
  • The manipulated DC legal case, a non-filing, surrounding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying to INSD investigators about his media leaks.  Again, likely due to the need to protect the administrative state.  Criminal referral (April 19, 2018); grand jury (Approx. July 2018); Status?… Oh, wait for it….

US Attorney Who Declined To Charge Cops For Killing Innocent Man Is Nominated For Treasury Roleby Tyler DurdenFri, 02/07/2020 – 18:45…If this makes you angry, it should. Only in D.C. does cowardice get you a promotion.The driver was Bijan Ghaisar, a 25 year-old young man who fled the scene of a minor car accident. (He was the one who had been hit.) Officers Lucas Vinyard and Alejandro Amaya followed him and eventually blocked his Jeep’s path at an intersection. Ghaisar turned his car from the officers and tried to get away at a low speed. The officers weren’t threatened – Ghaisar didn’t have a gun and they weren’t in the path of a speeding car. They responded by firing nine shots into his Jeep at close range. He was hit four times in the head and once in the wrist. He later died at the hospital.

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February 13, 2020

WTF???!! Did I just hear what I THINK I HEARD???!! Nunes said “I was hoping that John Bolton would have cleaned house” (in the National Security Council) ?? For REAL??? If I were Trump, I would all of a sudden be asking myself a BUNCH of questions in regards to Nunes! That’s gotta be one of the strangest statements I have heard around the whole Trump coup. How deep is deeply embedded? WTF was THAT about???!!

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