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From the Inside: Observations about America in our times [Video]

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

This piece comprises the thoughts of a friend in America about our nation’s current situation. In his observations, he offers some positive fallout that he believes will come from all the present madness.

We offer his text with only minor edits for clarity and emphasis on content. We also have attached a video from a financial analyst from Bob Kudla from Trade Genius Academy with Dr Steven Turley for additional analysis.


With all negativity from the Chi-com virus (a.k.a COVID-19, coronavirus) hysteria and left-wing lunacy happening and mainstream media making everything sound even worse, I thought I would write about some possible positive outcomes of what is happening right now.

I am not being naive, I realize that we have serious bad things happening in America at this time.

We have an insanely irresponsible federal government that has spent us all into a mind-boggling amount of debt. And, with the economic shut-down, they have added another 5 trillion in a mere two months, bringing the total national debt to 26 trillion dollars. This alone could end up causing a massive depression lasting years. The shut-down has destroyed [a great] many businesses and many more could be destroyed in the coming months. We also have the fruits of the public school system now being [made] obvious with a large percentage of young adults openly socialist, godless and amoral. Those really bad things put aside for a moment, here are some possible positive things to come out of our current situation.

  1. Creative destruction. This is what happens when a business fails. Someone else can buy the equipment and building, etc, and create a new business or product. We could very well see a better business than the one before it. We will see lots of businesses going for good, but we can also see new businesses opening up, and even new business models being created that could be more able to withstand hard times.
  2. More people voting for the president than last time. The lawlessness of the rioters and Democrat leaders making excuses and sometimes ignoring the loss of life and property damage is something the voters will remember when it comes time to vote in November. The Normal American wants stability, a good economy, and law and order, and the Democrat Party is not willing to even talk about this.
  3. Homeschooling suddenly becoming much more popular. This is extremely important and this is playing the long game. Public school curricula have gotten worse and worse over time, and although many small-town public schools are still fairly good, most big-city public school curriculums are now anti-Christ, and anti-American. No moral lessons are taught, and all the important lessons of America have been removed from the textbooks. Moms and Dads, being forced during the shutdown to homeschool their children, came to realize homeschooling is not that hard, and lots of moms realize they can do a better job of educating their own children than the public school. They have also had a closer look at what their kids were being taught, and homeschooling materials are clearly superior to the typical liberal State Public School curriculum.
  4. More people buying guns. With the political left in America getting more aggressive and violent, plus many liberal state governments showing they are unwilling to stop rioters and other types of criminals, having firearms to protect yourself and your family is more popular than it has been in a very long time. Add to this some leftist cities wanting to do away with police altogether, and many Americans are realizing their self-defense is their own responsibility. This is a positive thing because more armed Americans means a lower crime rate, a higher level of citizenship, and a more common-sense approach to daily life.
  5. Bernie voters changing their minds about socialism as they have to get jobs and carry their own weight in this world. I realize there are a lot of young adults currently hoping for an easy ride through life through socialist welfare programs and more government handouts. But as they grow older they will discover that socialist dreams never come true and that more government just makes things worse. Many will decide that if they want to be successful in life it is they, themselves, who have to make that happen. It might be mentally tough for them to change their minds on this, but sadly they have been lied to and miseducated by politicians and college professors, etc.
  6. A rejection of the feminist idea that the best life for a woman is to work outside the home. Connected with the shutdown causing more parents to take up homeschooling, the shutdown also caused many wives to be told by their employers to work from home during the shutdown, and guess what? Many women found out they like working from home. They can homeschool the kids, stay at home and work, and they don’t have to fight traffic and spend all that time commuting each week. This can be good for the whole family in lots of ways.
  7. Socialism will be at a dead stop because of the debt and people refusing to pay more in taxes. Americans are against paying more in taxes. We have nothing but bad examples of governments spending too much and always asking for more and more of our paychecks. I truly think the average American has had enough with tax increases, and this means a dead stop to socialists expanding government. I realize I am not talking about decreasing government size and spending, but at least it is a stopping of the expansion and the increase in taxes.
  8. People leaving liberal cities and states. This will further expose the fact that socialism does not work in real life. This will speed up the bankruptcy of liberal states and show people hard facts that socialism does not work. Our socialists at this time cannot stop people from moving to a different state. Bad states like New York, California, and Illinois are already bankrupt and they will just continue to become more bankrupt as people continue fleeing these states. I predict that the quality of life in [the] inner cities will continue to get worse and that the movement of people out of these states will accelerate. It is a hard lesson but once the liberal cities reach rock bottom in prices and values, more conservative government and people could start to improve the cities back to what they were before political leftists ruined them.
  9. People realizing their own mortality and turning to the Christian faith. One thing the Chi-com virus hysteria did was make a lot of people realize their own mortality. One reason we had so many hysterical people was that they were shaken from their slumber about this life. We live in a fallen world, and life is very short. The only thing that makes sense of all the data we have about this world is the Christian faith. I am hoping that lots of people will realize this, and decide to repent and trust in Jesus Christ.
I am sure I missed some possible positive things that could come out of this time, so
if you can think of any please comment below, and thank you for reading this.
America has always come through because of people like this friend of mine. His views show that the United States of America is still full of good, God-fearing people.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 17, 2020

I have two friends who are having to work from home. One is married with two young children (14 and 6) and the other is single and living alone. They both say they have no desire to go back to the office and want to stay with the current situation as long as possible.

June 17, 2020

stopped reading after “the Chi-Com virus”. isn’t there enough bullshit being expressed without the vomit of another un-educated seppo?

Dee Cee
June 17, 2020

Round of applause for the author (whoever he might have been) for hitting the positives squarely on the mark!! The non-radicals are finally realizing they can take control of this situation, while the radicals permanently and fatally erode their chokehold on power in this country. No one will tolerate the mob mentality, now that they’ve seen what it produces. Bringing the wagons back to the path of traditional Judeo-Christian values, on which this country was based, will right the situation over time. As for the budget problem, the only solution is the hardest one: suffering through the depression that will… Read more »

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