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COVID restrictions were to be 15 days, but 170 days later… [Video]

15 days lockdown is now 170+ days locked down. An excercise of insanity being maintained by Leftists.

The American handling of the coronavirus crisis has been a combination of the best and the worst of our nation. President Trump did an excellent job supporting the nation through this and leading us out of the severe economic and employment problems that the lockdown imposed on citizens in most of the US.

However the fear of the virus has been justification to several tinpot (Democrat) dictators to take over states and restrict their people’s freedoms to a level not seen since the Soviet times in Russia. Granted, the virus contains a lot of unknowns, and the actions undertaken in the US were repeated all around the world in various ways – some more strict, some less. But the restrictions in the US are presently absolutely senseless in their nature and this is driving millions of Americans absolutely bonkers.

Tucker Carlson gives a profoundly honest look at how we now have communist dictatorships operating in California and Illinois and other states. It is funny how the virus is not responding to dictatorship other than to grow in its reach. Or not.

The title of this video is “The COVID pandemic empowered mediocre politicians.”
You decide.

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