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White Supremacy is more deadly than COVID-19. Who knew? [Video]

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Yes, we wrote about this before, in a recent piece entitled “Coronavirus not dangerous – if you are leftist protesting racism.” Most folks appear to be unaware of this piece, and that is fine. Sometimes a snappy headline draws more clicks. But, the funny thing is that this statement was supposed to be snark, illustrating how idiotic the motivation behind the race rioting is. But now, we actually have proof that “White supremacy” IS being called a far more deadly disease than this pandemic which shut down the world for three months.

Well, now. That is an interesting statement: I am not racist. No one I know is racist, not in Russia nor in America. I know a LOT of people. They also know a lot of people and none of those THEY know are racist. Racism these days seems to be largely fantasy. Sure, folks are acting out now, supposedly “inspired” by the death of George Floyd, which, like those of Michael Brown, Travyon Martin, and almost every other black person to die at the hands of police force in recent years, was on drugs, attacked the officer… in other words, the riots are likely driven by a completely false narrative this time, just as they were with the original showing of Black Lives Matter after Michael Brown’s demise.

We have a report by black leaders at a roundtable meeting with President Trump – most of whom already work with him in his team (his team of assistants and advisors is very, very diverse), and a lot of them say there is no racism from whites, but a culture of victimhood fanned and agitated by people in their own communities.

In other words, white supremacism is largely non-existent. Even in these present riots, have the cameras yet caught even ONE white person saying something like “all blacks are inferior; they should be enslaved, they are a subclass?”

Actually one person did say something like that. Look who it was:


Okay, so there is one white supremacist. Too bad he is running for President against Trump.

One thousand health experts told us that demonstrating is better than social distancing, and that riots are more healthy than staying at home. It must be the smoke from all the burning cars and businesses – maybe the carbon monoxide and burning plastic is a better treatment than hydroxychoroquine, even though the normally Trump-averse Washington Post was forced to admit in the linked piece above that a study suggesting this drug was dangerous to COVID-19 victims had to be retracted. However, the Post, in its efforts to keep people in the dark, did everything it could to maintain the narrative. The only hint that the retraction was made is in the headline itself. Here is a more honest source discussing the same matter. We quote:

Our independent peer reviewers informed us that Surgisphere would not transfer the full dataset, client contracts, and the full ISO audit report to their servers for analysis as such transfer would violate client agreements and confidentiality requirements. As such, our reviewers were not able to conduct an independent and private peer review and therefore notified us of their withdrawal from the peer-review process.

We all entered this collaboration to contribute in good faith and at a time of great need during the COVID-19 pandemic. We deeply apologise to you, the editors, and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused.

But… the riots are now being touted as a better medication than anything else.

The conclusion of this bit of thought might lead one to believe that neither the coronavirus nor racism are real. In a sense this is correct. COVID-19 does hit some people hard, and fatally, but so do influenza and other viral diseases. We still do not have a really accurate survey of transmission of the coronavirus to compare to its fatality rates. We do have treatments that demonstrate success, plus most people get better on their own, if they even get sick at all.

And racism? Well, all the racists involved in these riots do not seem to be white supremacists in the expected sense, but as Joe Biden demonstrated, one way of demonstrating white supremacy is to insist to black people that they are, in fact, an oppressed class… which can only be saved by… people like Joe Biden.

(Who has incidentally done many things to try to preserve segregation through his forty-year political career)

Who can really say who the biggest fools in all this are?



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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St. Longinus
St. Longinus
June 16, 2020

The orthodox chabad(ers) started leaving NYC over a decade ago and setting up their shetls in upstate NY where they can rule from afar. It would seem they knew the plan, amiright? (Even the Jehovahs, masonic cousins of the chabaders), closed up shop in Brooklyn and moved away.) Of course, the chabad(ers) who remain in their shetls within the city will continue to have police protection as they’ve had in the past. Plus they also have their own ‘forces’ that the city permits only to them. Put your surprise face on.

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