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Limbaugh: Trump’s monumental election task [Video]

America’s top talk-radio analyst gives a breakdown of the challenge President Trump faces on the dash to re-election.

During Labor Day and after, the political conventions are over, and one of the common patterns that happens is that people actually start to think seriously about the upcoming Presidential elections (and other elections).

Rush Limbaugh gives a quick hit that notes that what is currently taking place has a huge impact on how people vote.

In that sense it is very bad for a candidate to take a current crisis and make excuses for things being bad now when the crisis is unexpected. The COVID crisis is such an example, as are the economic difficulties that resulted from it, and still are ongoing in places, and of course the riots.

Keep in mind: The Democrats are going to try to maintain crises or exacerbate them to try to create “current circumstances” that make voters look askance at the incumbent in power.

Rush says it extremely well (no surprise) and it is something that even though Donald Trump has all the actual truth on his side, he is challenged by how he meets the current situation. Rush offers some insight here. Watch and learn.

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