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Does Trump really want to end American interventionism?

The Deep State will strongly resist the US President’s promise not to be the “police of the world”

Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro… 

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has achieved a position of global hegemony, acting as a kind of world police. Washington has constructed a new world order and its militaries travel the world in wars and operations to inspect the “correct” functioning of this order and its conformity with American interests. This has been, for decades, the basic guideline of American foreign policy, which has generated constant conflicts involving the US armed forces, with great financial costs and great material wear and tear of the troops, in addition to several constant social damages, mainly of psychological order, with thousands of American families affected by the wars around the world where Washington interferes.

Recently, in a speech at the West Point Military Academy officers’ graduation ceremony, U.S. President Donald Trump stated that the era of endless wars is over and that the American armed forces will no longer be the police of the world. According to Trump, the US is at a crucial moment in its history, after which the government’s attitude must change drastically, no longer adopting the global interventionist policy previously implemented, but avoiding participation in continuous wars and building a new path for the country’s foreign policy.

Trump’s words are truly impressive and reveal both a strategic and humanitarian side of the American president. This same speech had already been part of his several election promises during his campaign for president in 2016. Many critics of the president therefore claim that the Republican is only trying to recover his broken promises to secure a re-election, which is likely. However, the decision to impose a definitive end to American interventionist policy is also quite strategic at the present time, since these guidelines are no longer adequate to the dynamics of the contemporary world, with a strong rise of emerging powers and geopolitical multipolarization.

However, even though Trump, international society and the American people want the end of the interventions, this is not the interest of an even deeper group of American politics: the Deep State. The secret networks of businessmen, bankers, military and intelligence agents, who really govern the U.S., will not allow Trump, in his last months in office, to make such bold decisions and will certainly act strongly to contain him. The American Deep State has an interest in maintaining operations because it is the members of these groups who are the real economically benefited by these interventions, unlike the American people.

In fact, we can even speculate whether Donald Trump’s intentions were not already known to the Deep State before they went public in his address to the military, given that in recent weeks the country has sunk into a wave of violent protests and rebellions, which, while apparently fighting against racism and discrimination, in practice promote widespread attacks against the people and the Trump administration, generating suspicions of being organized demonstrations with much deeper purposes than fighting racism and remembering the memory of George Floyd.

If Trump continues with his plan to end interventionism, the next country to undergo intervention will be the United States, where the “riots” will reach ever greater levels of violence and the country will be on the verge of a racial war. The U.S. will then undergo a colorful internal revolution, organized by the Deep State. Day after day, anti-Trump discourse is gaining more and more aggressive tone by the opposition. Last week, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, considered the possibility of military intervention against the American president.

On the other hand, if Trump renounces his goals and capitulates to the power of the Deep State, his image will be discredited and the victory of his enemies will be an even closer scenario. Indeed, tensions only tend to increase in the United States, which, amid more than 100,000 killed by the new coronavirus pandemic, has to deal with a major political disruption, causing even more instability, chaos and fear about the uncertain future.

Several points have yet to be verified. What will be, from now on, Trump’s stance on the issue of Venezuela and the legitimate government and Nicolás Maduro? What will Trump do to withdraw his troops from across the Middle East? What will he do to Iran? What will he do to China? Perhaps not even Trump is sure what to do, but just because he proposes to think of something to ease world tensions, the president is already worthy of attention.

Yet, is this also Biden’s wish? The presidential candidate and opponent of Trump seems, on the contrary, much more willing to maintain the interventionism and practice of the world police, which will cause much more world wars and tensions. Perhaps, for the first time in recent history, an American president and Deep State are really facing off.

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Sue Rarick
Sue Rarick
June 17, 2020

My personal feeling is that much of the TDS – get orange man is a reaction to the fact that ,for the first time in my life, we got a President that was actually doing what he promised to do. He is also the first president since Washington that wasn’t a politician. They tolerated him when they didn’t think he had a chance to win. But when he did win and it he started to actually do what he promised they created the Russian’s did it. And they have been at it ever since. There is nothing the Deep State… Read more »

Geopolitics in the Age of Imperium
Geopolitics in the Age of Imperium
June 17, 2020

I think Trump’s ideas are those of an enlightened Roman emperor, to allow states to mind their own affairs as long as they display the proper fealty, other than in extreme cases that require vociferous intervention, as with Germany and Nord Stream or with Venezuela. These are perceived as potential threats to the power projections of a wishful energy dominance and require extra attention.   The Democrats on the other hand, require more than mere fealty. They require direct intervention and replacement of the leadership. Crush the old order without mercy is their motto. No room for even a faux… Read more »

June 17, 2020

Personally, I think Trump and his supporters are screwed. Trump spent the last 4 years on his back foot after capitulating to the Deep State innuendo/prosecution of Michael Flynn so early in the game. After that there was no air left in the room for discussion of any serious issues which Trump may have (but probably wouldn’t have) distinguished himself. Now he’s verbally tacking to the left of Biden on the issue of American hegemony? So where does that leave us? A deeply fractured American public, a media that is no longer trusted by the majority, a known Deep State… Read more »

Sue Rarick
Sue Rarick
Reply to  Gyre07
June 17, 2020

In a way it would be great to have the senile one win. They would definitely get us into a war if for no other reason than to use middle America’s patriotism as a unifier. The flaw in that scenario is obvious to anyone that lives near a VA located near a military base. The people the US has depended on to join the military and fight our wars is fed up. They will be the first to shout hell no we won’t go. 20+ years of constant deployments will do that. So without that group they are delusionaly expecting,… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Sue Rarick
June 18, 2020

JFK also wanted to end American military and CIA adventures. What did it get him? We could be facing another Dealey Plaza moment in the making.

June 18, 2020

US days of war have been numbered since Iraq where it is rumored they lost about 10,000. Why do you think they have all these other groups fighting for them? The Kurds lost 12,000 fighting ISIS. The only firepower left in the US arsenal are missiles not manpower because they cant get people to die for the cause of freedom and democracy. The sad thing is people voted for Trump thinking he would drain the swamp, but they did not realize that he comes from that same swamp. While he has been president his family has accumulated vast wealth while… Read more »

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