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Six ways Americans backlash against Soros and Democrat lunacy. [Video]

The leftists may control the mass media, but they do not control the people themselves.

George Soros Palpatine and all the Democrat leaders pledging fealty to him. Really? Possibly.

To follow the news such as the network news sites present it, one might be led to think that all of America is aflame, whoever is not aflame is dying from coronavirus, and that masked faces are the new normal across the nation and around the world. Total and complete dystopia is having its day in this rather negative attempt to make Art represent real Life. We hear about the coronavirus “spike” in cases that sent the markets tumbling on Thursday a massive 1862 points on the Dow index, we hear about the new Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) set up in six blocks of downtown Seattle, Washington, as clearly very well funded (but not reported as such) “volunteers” check ID of local residents while this small district declares itself a new nation, run by Black Lives Matter / Antifa forces. We see this amazing narrative supported by the Soros-sponsored Democrat freakshow of kneeling for the Holy and Great Martyr George Floyd, who really is nothing of the kind (how does a holy martyr have fentanyl and methamphetamine in his body?) With all this, one would be led to think that this is the whole of American reality. Dr Steve Turley shows what is going on off-screen, and lists six examples that show that there is a huge backlash, one that is not funded by elite interests, but which is nevertheless defeating those interests, despite all the media’s efforts to the contrary.

In short, here listed are the ways, and the video explains in more detail.

  1. President Trump and his restoration of law and order. He declared Antifa a terrorist organization. When the National Guard got deployed, the riots stopped. The President worked with state and local leaders, who when they deployed their National Guard regiment, in over 24 states, the riots stopped cold. (this has not happened in far-left states. Seattle has a new ‘micro-nation’ in its midst because of this, complete with its own warlord.)
  2. The Democrats in Congress have become the laughingstock of social media (which they supposedly dominate.) look at the meme that heads this piece for an example.
  3. Americans polled show an overwhelming rejection of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement. In fact, one poll noted that 80% of Americans polled want to either maintain or increase funding for their police departments. We don’t like crime and lawlessness. It is that simple.

    Screenshot of one of the headlines showing Americans in support of their police, not wanting them “defunded.”
  4. The conservatives are turning the “Defund the Police” rhetoric against the liberals, but they are not alone. Even Bernie Sanders disagrees with this notion. Specifically, gun sales soared 80% because of the race riots, with 1.7 million guns were sold in May 2020, as citizens take it upon themselves to protect their own homes and one another. When Antifa was rumored to be coming to Couer d’Alene, Idaho, the townspeople were ready, armed to the teeth.
  5. Business owners are relocating their enterprises in other locations outside the liberal bastions. Elon Musk warned California, but other companies are leaving places like Minneapolis, Chicago, and Seattle.
  6. HBO recently announced that it was pulling the classic Gone with the Wind, citing ‘racial overtones’. That resulted in this great film becoming the number one bestseller on Amazon. This caused HBO to reinstate the film, though they are still trying to preach the unholy racist gospel with “commentary” added. Who wants that?

Note that Dr Turley mentions at the beginning “in the midst of how our feckless Republican leaders…” [02:23] are handling the race riots. One would have expected him to say “Democrat” and not Republican, and indeed, President Donald Trump, a Republican, is taking positive action. However, even if this was a mistake in Dr Turley’s monologue, he is actually correct. Republicans appear to be dithering, and the notion that President Trump has to take such initiative to work with these leaders to get their states’ riots stopped is an issue that bears examination. Did the GOP governors take action on their own and ask the President’s support? Or, did they try pandering to the rioters like the Democrats did?

One this is clear, even Fox, as much as they get a lot of things right, is largely getting this story wrong. They are playing politically safe rhetoric by praising the “beauty” of druggie George Floyd’s funeral, and they are still largely buying the hype that his killing was a tragedy. There is evidence that suggests this narrative is completely devoid of reality.

Though my comments are no doubt part of the vast Internet Peanut Gallery of pseudo-experts, I will weigh in anyway: It is wrong to try to accomodate these elitists in any way. I am grateful that for the great majority, President Trump does not accomodate such nonsense. To do so is like apologizing for oneself, and there ought not be any apologies for speaking the truth. In doing this, we help accelerate the decay that led to these riots even becoming thinkable, let alone doable. The truth may sting but it also cures, and it fixes problems, real ones. I am grateful for truth tellers’ presence in the alternative media, like Dr Turley and Tucker Carlson and others, who make it possible for a little light to shine through the fog of lies we are surrounded with.

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Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder
June 12, 2020

As shown in this article, a handful of American oligarchs has become far wealthier since the COVID-19 lockdown began:
The pandemic has led to an even greater degree of separation between America’s haves and have nots.

Carlton Meyer
June 13, 2020

Soros has overthrown several democratic governments with his “social protest” movements. The Republic of Georgia is an example, toppled in 2003 by the NeoCons.

Danny Brown
Danny Brown
June 13, 2020

what ever it takes to get elected

Danny Brown
Danny Brown
June 13, 2020

term limit 2-2year terms, then go home & get a real job

Danny Brown
Danny Brown
June 13, 2020

Marshall Law , let the military put an end to this place a curfew and make the military enforce it jail is this not a federal crime ?

June 13, 2020

Conservatives need to push back against Wall Street. See: America Convulses in Pain, Fed Bails Out the Wealthy 
by Wolf Richter • Jun 11, 2020 

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