For the first time Italy may allow two mothers to appear on birth certificate

The Constitutional court is weighing the decision

Up to date, Italy has never put two mothers, or two fathers on a birth certificate. Two Lesbians married in America who had a child by artificial insemination hope to change this. A Tuscan woman went to Wisconsin to marry a lesbian, then the couple sought the aid of a Danish clinic for artificial reproduction.The child was born in Italy to the American woman. Since the birth took place in Italy with the mother being an American, the child is a foreign national. If the birth had taken place in America where all forms of degeneracy are the norm, paper work would have been a breeze.

As reported by CorrIere Della Sera

” Our child is only the son of Margaret , and since she is American, I can not transmit the Italian nationality to which, despite our country does not treat us like all other citizens, we keep a lot – explains Giovanna on the phone – . We decided to have him born here because he is home, but the child for Italy is foreign and has only one parent “. A fact that contradicts the American law to which as a US citizen is subjected: “In my country – says Margaret – would be immediately registered as the son of both. I feel frozen when I think that in Italy he is denied such a basic right. “

After the refusal of the registrar to indicate both as parents , the two women, assisted by the lawyer of Trent Alexander Schuster, have appealed to the Court of Pisa. “If the child was born in the United States – says Schuster – the certificate with the double maternity would be transcribed without problems, as sanctioned by numerous judges of merit and also by the Court of Cassation. But since the birth took place in Italy, to draft its documents the United States must now rely on the Italian act that indicates only one and can not add the other mother “.

What to do? Well like all degenerates with an agenda to push, they seek to use the court to get their way as reported by Toscana

Thus, even if the registrar refused to indicate both mothers on the document, the women did not give up and, with their lawyer, Alexander Schuster, they appealed to the Court of Pisa. The word now passes to the Constitutional Court, which will decide in the “best interests of the child”. And it will mark a fundamental precedent for couples of same-sex parents.

The judge has said that what ever is in the best interest of the child is the course of action that should be taken. Where will this lead Italy in the course of accepting more filth as the norm? Only time will tell.

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