Toys R US blames bankruptcy on low birthrates among millennials

Birthrates have been in rapid decline ever since the panic of 2008

Toys R US is closing its 735 stores located across America citing low birthrates as the cause. As reported by MSN

Toys R Us will close or sell each of its more than 700 locations in the US. In the company’s most recent annual filing, it cited declining birth rates as a threat to sales. Births have decreased rapidly since 2008 in the US, especially among millennial women. Toys R Us was one of the last national toy chains, and more retailers could be in trouble. Millennials are not like their parents.

Two main factors come into play here: feminism and economics. Feminism has been a cause of declining birthrates for over a generation as first covered by Pat Buchanan in his 2000 book “The Death of The West”

The West was in deep trouble then and the problem has only compounded since! That was back when everybody still knew which restroom to go into and the youth still expected to get a piece of the good old “American Dream”. But now all bets are off the table. Since the panic of 2008 the youth hasn’t had much to look forward to. The habit of blaming millennials doesn’t offer a solution. Rather, it is rhetoric created to satisfy the conscience of the boomers so that they don’t feel guilt for the mess that they have created.

Now those problems are coming back to roost on the door step. The current economic system can’t be propped up by a demoralized poverty stricken generation. The present economic situation is such that many millennial women are having their eggs frozen in the hopes of being able to have children after they are financially established, which of course will likely be after they are no longer fertile.

This clip describes the situation better than any other explanation that I have seen yet.

Then, last but not least, is the fact that, in the West, a general anti-child mindset has taken root. Take for example this issue of Time magazine

Selfishness, feminism, poverty, and a societal hatred of marriage all come together to create a demographic winter for the West. But the depraved modernists don’t care. They relish what is a historical shame. Sin is its own punishment. A society’s health is judged by its fertility, and the West has been weighed and found wanting.

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