Being Politically Correct is Offensive [Video]

It’s an offense against intellectualism, and also a “microaggression” according to some universities

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Political correctness is one of the most retarded plagues on the face of human dialog. It utterly destroys dialog, and its impossible to have an honest conversation, if everyone wants to pretend the elephant in the room doesn’t have an obesity problem, and the Emperor’s birthday suit is a fine silk  kaftan. Now, wait for it…Political correctness has been declared politically incorrect!

It has been declared a “microaggression” by the University of Wisconson-Milwaukee. It’s not politically correct anymore to be politically correct! This video is a great example of what is wrong with political correctness:

It is simply impossible to keep up with the approved phrases and terminology. Liberal people generally oppose censorship, yet they can’t seem to understand this is a form of censorship. If you can’t even have an intellectual discussion about real issues, these elephants in the throne room, while the Emperor is running around naked, because it might offend someone, then how do you solve the major problems facing our society?

Far to often, hate-speech and Nazism is defended as being as “intellectual discussion” or “free-speech” or “protected by the first amendment”, let’s get a few things clear. First of all, if you are censored on the internet for saying something appropriate but not approved by the deep state, you must understand that Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. these are private companies, the first amendment does NOT protect you from that. If you don’t like their policy, move to alternatives like VK.

Second of all, no one is defending hate-speech or Nazism, not everyone who takes issues with the PC crowd are edgy alt-righters. Some are just intellectuals struggling to find intellectual dialog – and the US has a long and proud history of Anti-Intellectualism.

This is perhaps the best argument to levy against the PC Nazis, if you are bringing forward responsible, intellectual criticism to those unable to handle reality and facts, remind them that THEY are being OFFENSIVE.

For example, If you criticize the refugee policies, and refer to refugees as migrants, and they call you politically incorrect, ask them if they actually know any real Syrians. Ask them if they know the vast majority of these so-called refugees are NOT from Syria. Ask them if they know Syria is an incredibly diverse place, with many different cultures inhabiting it, and is not purely “Arab”.

Far too often, the PC crowd are just virtue signaling, and actually, know very little about what they are discussing.

And also, take a Russian lesson: Byt Chelovekom! Be Human! Don’t be an insufferable idiot, just as the PC crowd can be insufferable, don’t troll and intentionally be offensive and hurtful for the sake of it. If you love saying offensive things, because you can’t find anything better to do, this is Poshlost’ which means a love and self-satisfaction with one’s own vulgarity. If you are using offensive speech, because you can’t be bothered to speak diplomatically and wisely, that is just as anti-intellectual as political correctness.

Don’t claim you are being persecuted by political correctness if you said something the vast majority of the human race would find offensive. Far too often those complaining about political correctness are just as whiny as the PC crowd they claim to hate.

Don’t spread hate, and don’t defend those who spread hate, because it makes all those opposed to PC culture seem guilty by association.

That said, if you are harassed by the PC Nazis without good cause, feel free to tell them they are behaving like offensive retards, and they’ve committed a microaggression. It will overload their tiny brains.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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