Georgetown University introduces new gender equality task force

Georgetown is increasing its focus on advancing diversity on essentially every possible front

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Georgetown University is introducing a new gender equality task force this semester that will be headed by Jane Aiken, whose academic focus includes social justice issues. Aiken’s goal is to develop a diverse team to further advance the University’s goal of increasing diversity in race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation at Georgetown.

Even though the university’s enrollment is already approaching 60% female, the degree of focus on women on campus and issues relative to diversity appear to be severely in need of being advanced in the eyes of the campus administration. The Georgetown Review reports:

Georgetown University, America’s first catholic University, announced a new task force for gender equality this semester. The task force, spearheaded by University President John DeGioia, will work throughout the school year to make recommendations for the university to improve gender equity among the school’s faculty, administration, and student body.

Jane Aiken, Vice Dean and professor of Georgetown Law Center, will lead this group. Her academic focus is centered on the methodology of education as well as the legal implications of social justice as she is also the Director of the Community Justice Project.

“I’m working closely with President DeGioia to assemble a diverse team of faculty from different disciplines with expertise that would be helpful to this work. Georgetown is a large and diverse place, and tapping into the broad expertise we have here is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity,” Aiken told The Hoya.

This task force is the most recent iteration of this administrations strategic priority of pursuing diversity of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation on campus.

“Georgetown is deeply committed to gender equity and ensuring that our faculty and senior administrators reflect the changing demographics of our society…We are committed to ensuring that Georgetown is a place where women thrive and are recognized for their contributions,” Pugh wrote in an email to The Hoya.

Some have argued that gender equality need not be the priority focus of our administration, as the student body is currently a majority female institution (57%) with a well-funded Women’s and Gender Studies Program, which focuses on these exact issues. These criticisms are particularly strong among those who argue that Georgetown is among the most expensive Universities in the world and that priorities such as failing infrastructure, administrative bloat, and tuition costs should be the focus.

With Georgetown joining the fray of American campuses which are increasing their focus on advancing diversity, on essentially every possible front, and combatting any real or perceived male dominance or toxic masculinity, together with battling any forms of perceived discrimination against gender non conformists or racial and ethnic minorities, yet another University appears to be adding fuel to the fire of the many social issues that are becoming prevalent in American society.

Task forces which have as their goal shutting down free speech on college campuses, the one place where one might expect free speech to be held in the highest regard, and of effectively putting down white men seem to continue to increase in number. It may be argued that this perception is not at all true, but the manner in which these task forces commonly go about their activities would seem to argue otherwise, as oftentimes any speech which does not conform to certain ideas about Leftist identity politics is speech that is quickly shut down, and even used as grounds to discipline or expel those who might express such views, such as any sort of speech or expression that might acknowledge any difference at all between men and women, or which may promote traditional gender roles, for starters.

Between American academic curriculum and task forces like these, American youth are increasingly being indoctrinated to view traditional families as a thing which engenders hate and to view white men as the root cause, or at least a contributing one, to the world’s problems, through any number of various claims, which often fly in the face of even a cursory view of history or science. Georgetown, with its new task force, could further advance such perspectives unless and if the activities of this task force are not rigorously managed in a fair and appropriate manner, if, indeed, the existence of such a task force can, in truth, be justified.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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