Lawsuit says the Hawks are racist against whites

Shifting racist attitudes in the direction of whites is not honestly dealing with the matter of racism, but is itself racism

Former community development coordinator for the Atlanta Hawks, Margo Kline, has filed a lawsuit against the NBA Basketball team on the basis that it was saturated with a culture of racism against white people.

Kline complained about the situation, for which she says she was fired from her position.

On Friday, the suit was filed which is pursuing a trial in addition to punitive damages against the NBA team due to its pervasive racism.

External affairs director, David Lee, who is black, is accused of fomenting a team culture of racism and discrimination against white people, particularly white women, wherein so-called “white culture” was regularly caricaturized and mocked, and white candidates would be overlooked in favor of less qualified black ones. ESPN has the report:

ATLANTA — A former Atlanta Hawks employee is accusing the professional basketball club of discriminating against white people and firing her after she complained.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Margo Kline filed a lawsuit Friday seeking punitive damages and a trial. The lawsuit said Hawks external affairs director David Lee, who is black, promoted a culture of discrimination against white people, and especially white women.

Kline, who is white, worked as a community development coordinator for five years before her March 2017 firing.

The lawsuit said Lee would make jokes about “white culture,” hiring and promoting black employees — who Kline said were less qualified — over white people.

The NBA team denies Kline’s claims and said it plans to defend against them. The Hawks’ statement said discrimination claims are taken seriously and Kline’s were thoroughly reviewed.

With the NBA being made of teams that are commonly majority black, that some racial tension could possibly creep into its activities isn’t particularly startling, although in an organization so highly inundated with media coverage given the nature of its activity, is something that one might expect would have been much more enthusiastic about patrolling, given the very likely prospect of garnering substantial bad press from it; even more so given its racial makeup.

However, the issue was allowed to pervasively creep into the team’s culture, into areas that should have been held to some of the highest professional standards. The issue of reverse racism against white people is something that has become increasingly prevalent in some circles which is often promoted by some on the Left, it will be interesting to follow the case as it progresses to see how and whether the matter will be acknowledged and appropriately addressed both in legal circles as well as that of the NBA itself.

This case demonstrates that shifting hate and racist attitudes in the direction of whites is not honestly dealing with the matter of racism, but is itself racism directed against white people as if it were a form of restoring balance to the universe for the racism that the Left is constantly seeing everywhere and acting as though the world is still stuck in the slavery culture of the Antebellum South.

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