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Donald Trump calls out MSM: “Getting along with Russia is a good thing”

US president excoriates criticism of his congratulatory call to President Vladimir Putin; notes that working with Russia is always a good thing

President Trump has found his stride as American Statesman after his first year in office. He has come to realize that the media and the political establishment will never agree to see or take his side on issues. Further, he always knew that his job as President was and is to lead the nation, not to worry about political points from critics.

As we have reported in at least two newspieces on The Duran and our sister site, President Trump called to congratulate President Putin on his successful re-election to the post of President of the Russian Federation, a term that will last six years, until 2024.

This came as even some of the President’s advisers were trying to tell him literally not to congratulate the Russian leader on his success. As can be expected, the mainstream media in the United States, and even internationally, went into a meltdown of agony that “the President of the United States would congratulate a winner of a fake election”, to summarize the MSM narrative.

President Trump wasted no time in hitting back at his detractors via Twitter:

The response from the Russian side was one of mutuality and respect, as anyone who knows the real situation with President Putin would expect. The two leaders were cordial and realistically frank, and the discussion was productive. This from the Kremlin’s website:

Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin on his victory in the presidential election. The leaders spoke in favour of developing practical cooperation in various areas, including efforts to ensure strategic stability and combat international terrorism, with particular emphasis on the importance of coordinated efforts to curb an arms race.

The exchange on economic cooperation revealed an interest in bolstering it. Energy was discussed separately.

The problem of Syria was discussed, as was the internal crisis in Ukraine. There was recognition on both sides of the need to make rapid strides toward achieving settlements.

Satisfaction was expressed with the limited reduction of tensions around the Korean Peninsula. The expediency of continuing consistent efforts to resolve the situation by peaceful, diplomatic means was underscored.

It was agreed to develop further bilateral contacts in light of the changes in leadership at the US Department of State. The possibility of organising a top-level meeting received special attention.

On the whole, the conversation was constructive and businesslike, with a focus on overcoming the accumulated problems in Russian-American relations.

So, while the American and Western media screams and gibbers its nonsense about every problem in the world being because of “the Russians”, the two top leaders in the world lived in Realville, so to speak, and worked to make progress on the problems together.

Expect the media hysteria to only get worse, folks. Except right here at The Duran. We report reality.

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