Sociology Instructor asserts that toxic masculinity is caused by…Veganism?!?

Since when was Veganism considered super-masculine?

They’ve gone and done it again, someone just went full retard – we get a lot of these cases here on Red Pill Times, but it doesn’t hurt our brains any less each time. A North Carolina State University sociology instructor has published a…facinating…article, which asserts that vegan and vegetarian men are guilty of “upholding the gender binary” and perpetuating “white masculinity.” I will just let that sink in for a moment…take your time…feel free to scream into a pillow or something. I’ll wait here…

Here is an excerpt from the article, as I think the shear dumbfounding stupidity is best conveyed by simply reading it:

 Recent cultural shifts in the middle and upper-middle class American foodscape that moralize “good” eating as choosing local, organic, and eco-conscious foods, prompts the questioning of their social effects for vegetarian and vegan men, who hold a previously-stigmatized consumption identity. This article analyzes qualitative interviews conducted with twenty vegan and vegetarian men in a semi-urban area of the southeastern United States to better understand how they conceptualize and explain their food consumption identities in relation to their broader identity practices.

I am sorry, but what is any of that even supposed to mean?!? That is exactly what is wrong with modern academic philosophy and sociology, why it’s become almost a worthless pursuit ever since they removed Theology – the “Queen of the Sciences” from the curriculum. It has devolved into this deplorable, self-righteous, and Prelest filled abomination, devoid of wisdom, loathful of wisdom even, and overrun with pseudo-intellectual sophistry.

What does that mean … exactly! What does anything of that above thesis someone vomited on the paper mean either? What does “stigmatized consumption identity” mean, and what respectable person wastes even a second of God-given breath pondering how they “conceptualize and explain their food consumption identities in relation to their broader identity practices”.

Instead of writing that abomination of an article, why doesn’t the aspiring doctoral candidate ponder why western society is defined by its adoration of Poshlost’, which is an untranslatable Russian word, meaning something like: a terrible lack of taste, and moral degeneracy, combined with pettiness and a strong self-satisfaction with one’s own vulgarity. Poshlost’ is the religion of modern society – that is an issue sociologist should be explaining, not whether or not veganism is contributing to “toxic masculinity”.

Moreover, can we PLEASE address the elephant in the room, despite the claims the article is stating that veganism is perpetuating “white masculinity”, one can not deny there is a prevailing attitude that veganism is unmasculine. No offense to vegan men – I am sure there are exceptions to the rule, I am not even saying it is a rule. Many Orthodox monks are vegetarians, they very masculine – but that is a completely different matter for a completely different reason. They do this for religious and fasting reasons. They are non-violent, and don’t harm living creatures.

Vegans, on the other hand, are often considered profoundly unmasculine. (Again, I am generalizing and not intending to offend, merely stating what some individuals believe). I say that not to attack anyone, but merely to illustrate that it is widely believed, that veganism is rather unmasculine, not due to veganism itself, but rather, that eating meat has always been associated with macsulinity in most cultures.

I have never heard anyone assert that veganism is perpetuating masculinity – which is something completely natural that I didn’t know was being perpetuated.

What makes things worse is that here is another sociology professor explaining that eating meat, is what is really perpetuating that toxic white male masculinity.

Penn State sociology professor claims that eating meat promotes “hegemonic masculinity” and “gender hegemony”

Seeing as we have already established that sociology professors and instructors are always right, how am I supposed to reconcile this! My toxic masculine brain is being overloaded! We are at a paradox, an irresistible force has met an immovable object! How can I bow to the wisdom of my feminist overlords if I don’t know whether eating meat, or not eating it at is promoting toxic masculinity?

Oh, the inhumanity!

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