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Hungary needs more children not migrants says Hungarian PM

Hungary needs more children not migrants says Hungarian PM

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, recently visited the town of Bicske recently while on the campaign trail for the upcoming elections on April 8th where he continued to emphasize the importance of the health and growth of the nation’s own domestic demographic as opposed to the influx of migrants, which his party vehemently stands against.

To that end, Orban said “So in Bicske they understand exactly why the upcoming election is so important. Everyone knows here in Bicske – we are currently with such a family where they are raising several children – that children are the most important for us, children are first and we need more children not migrants.”

Having previously been quite outspoken about being against the EU’s policy on taking in migrants, he reiterated the point that if his party was not able to establish a new government from the outcome of the upcoming elections that the refugee camp that was closed down within Bicske could be reopened. Orban has erected fences around Hungary’s borders to keep migrants out and back in the Fall, Hungary held a referendum to oppose the EU’s migrant plans, which Orban staunchly supported.

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The EU is of course at odds with Hungary’s position on the migrant quotas, that the EU demanded, over concerns about preserving the traditional Christian composition of the country. However, Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto recently stated that Hungary intends to continue to defend itself from what it sees as a muslim invasion by partnering with other European nations who share a similar perspective on the issue, including Austria, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

This form of cooperation would witness an even greater degree of cohesiveness in European domestic polity wherein these states can acknowledge and treat of a threat that is increasingly becoming existential in nature as the ongoing flood of migrants coming from the Middle East threatens the nations’ demographic homogeneity by violently introducing alien and sometimes hostile customs.

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