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Face it, Ukraine: The West is using your country and doesn’t give a rip about you. [Video]

The tragedy is that it took 100 days to see this so clearly. But the Ukrainians ought to be out for their OWN leaders’ blood.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Redacted hit a complete home run with this piece.

It is very important for everyone following this conflict to understand what the “special military operation” is about, and what the West’s cheerleading a nation to death (literally) is also about. Let’s start with Russia, since Russia is always getting called the quintessential “bad guy” in this conflict.

Russia wants the following terms to be met:

  • Ukraine’s neo-nazi / ultranationalist groups are to be eliminated.
  • Crimea is to be recognized as Russian territory. Period.
  • The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics are to be recognized as sovereign states, or as federal subjects of the Russian Federation, should they choose to join Russia.
  • Ukraine is to declare neutrality with regard to its alignment with NATO (and with Russia, for that matter), and never join that military alliance. Further, it must not host NATO exercises within its borders.

Notice what is not on this list. There is no demand for President Zelensky’s resignation, nor is there a demand for lands other than the ones already declared independent or declared (by referendum) as Russian sovereign territory.

There is not, nor has there ever been, a stated intent to overthrow Kiev and its government. Russia has never stated an intention to seize or overthrow the government of Ukraine, nor any intention of stripping that country of its independent sovereignty.

Now, let’s talk about what Ukraine’s leader, President Zelensky, wants:

  • Crimea must be returned to Ukraine
  • The Donbass Republics must return themselves to Ukraine.

These are President Zelensky’s conditions prior to starting any peace talks.

He is not going to get his way on this.

Now, let’s talk about what Great Britain and the USA want:

  • Ukraine must keep fighting, and not cede one inch of its land to Russia
  • Ukraine must fight without NATO help, though a trickle of weapons will be sent from time to time.
  • The goal for the West is not to protect Ukraine, it is to get rid of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia, ostensibly in hopes that some woke globalist will take Russia’s reins and run it into ground like Joe Biden is doing in the USA.
  • The war must NOT stop, even to the life of the very last Ukrainian.
  • While this war continues, again, no (legal) soldiers from any NATO country will help at all.

Now, one has to look at this in a way that I don’t think anyone on earth in recent history has ever viewed any armed conflict:

The goal seems to be to somehow disable Russia. Why? One can only guess, but we can say a few things about Russia that differ from the Western nations of today:

  • Russia is a modern, technologically advanced nation, but that technology and advancement is utilitarian, not cultural. What I mean by this is that Russia, like any modern nation, does good things with modern tools and equipment: It builds cities, roads, homes, and it farms to great efficiency and productivity due to modern technological methods. However, it has not crossed the psychological frontier of “fancied self-sufficiency” in thinking that its technology allows the nation to disregard its past, its traditions and culture, all of which are very ancient.
  • Russia does not feel obligated to play by the Western rules. This is not so unusual, of course; the United States often makes its own decisions, spurning Europe and the United Nations. However, the last seventy five years have been those of American hegemony, at least in the West, and from 1991 to about 2008, over the entire planet. But then, Russia reasserted herself.
  • Russia is the strongest of what are being called “civilization states” to emerge. But there are at least two others that are becoming more and more prominent: India and China. Neither of these nations feel themselves beholden to the West for anything. In fact, India’s foreign minister, Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, told his interviewer and the whole world as much:

For fuller context, watch this to learn more about this truly amazing man:

The good doctor put it very succintly, to paraphrase, “Europe has gotten into thinking its problems are the world’s problems… and that the non European world should align itself according to this mindset.

Not so.

And India, China and Russia are determined to chart their own courses, regardless of what Europe thinks. Regardless of what Imposter Biden thinks.

Now, here is the kicker to all of this:

It would seem that most American people couldn’t possibly care less about the things Russia, China and India do. It is extremely unlikely that even a measurable percentage of American people would have favored starting the war in Ukraine by ignoring Russia and basically telling it “talk to the hand; the face don’t care.”

It is further extremely unlikely that Americans (and a lot of European people) think it is a good idea to send Ukrainian men to their deaths by the hundreds and thousands, to be used as cannon fodder to make some American and European LEADERS happy about hurting Russia, its people and its government.

This is pretty damned cowardly in fact, isn’t it? If you want to go defeat Putin, America, YOU go and fight him! (you will lose, but why make other people fight for your interests?)

This is a crime against the Ukrainians. Forget about Russia – Russia sees this all as a very unfortunate situation, but while this war is not greeted as a big patriotic festival, it is widely understood that what had been going on in Ukraine reached a point of no return, and so for Russia, there are no alternatives to the military operation. It IS important for the security of Russia not to have a NATO, possibly nuclear-armed, state on thousands of miles of common border, made all the more rabid by decades of Western-pumped radical and militant, Russia- and Russian-hating ultranationalism.

Remember, many families in Ukraine treat it as common conversation to say “have you killed a Russian swine today? Don’t you want to?”

In my years of living in the Russian Federation, I have never once heard a Russian person refer to a Ukrainian that way. They still aren’t, even now, though they are getting pissed. But Mr. Zelensky is now getting ready to launch a publication with the ghastly title “The Executioner’s Book”, intended to document “war crimes” allegedly committed by Russian soldiers and military leaders.

Mr. Zelensky’s choice of the title, Myrotvorets slogan of “Death to the Russian Fascists” with grisly dead soldiers adorning its splash page, and much more, show that there is a clear difference in one side’s opinion of the other.

But in all of this propaganda, the losers are the Ukrainian people. They have been stripped of their homeland. Not by Russia, but by the United States, Great Britain and their own elected leadership, which seems more than ever only concerned with sending its own people to their death.

Why? Isn’t this insane?

Yes. And that is the craziest thing about this – there is no better motive for any of this other than very powerful people’s desire for more power. Those of us who are regular Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, and English alike – I bet if you poll all of us, it would be very difficult to find anyone or even any large population that agrees with what is going on.

This is a war started by power-hungry people, falsely blaming others to justify their own ends. Biden blames Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for the US’ problems, and blames the American people themselves for them. He blames Mr. Putin for the US five-dollar gas, but Russia didn’t cut the West off. The West cut itself off from Russia.

It is as though the Western leaders got their hands on a list of “All the tasks we must do to destroy our people, our culture and if possible, the world,” and have methodically been marking each checkbox as they go.

  • Covid: Check.
  • Economic Recession: going according to plan
  • Creating poverty: working really well, US gas prices headed as high as $10.00 per gallon by August
  • Monkeypox: To be Accomplished.
  • General population reduction: Ukraine war getting rid of men from at least two nations, so that is working very well.
  • Nuclear War: working on it. Can’t quite get folks to start, but we are working towards it!

What do you think? Do you think anyone in power in the West really cares at all? I sure don’t.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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June 9, 2022

Hard to dusagree with anything the author states.

June 10, 2022

Oil has nothing to do with this ? Ukraine did not invade Russia . Russia invaded Ukraine of course they want Russians dead have you had Ukrainians come to your town blowe it all to crap killed and raped civilians . This will be the end once again of the Russia Nation. Maybe this time you can become a peaceful nation . You almost had it last time untill Putin attempted to reinstall the USSR

Helga Fellay
Helga Fellay
Reply to  Adair
June 11, 2022

Stop following the MSM and, more importantly, stop believing their propaganda lies.

Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver
June 10, 2022

The whole invasions been a propaganda shmozzle !! There is going to be a plethora of lying journalists , plus millions of blind everyday folk who thought fighting against Russia was the right thing to do !! I mean blinded people who thought the West was always telling the truth and have never ever tried to see the opposite nation`s reasoning as to why the Russian Federation stepped in to rescue their own population who have been persecuted since 2014 , simply because they lived in the Lugansk and the Donetsk regions .! Over 14,000 have been killed in the… Read more »

November 17, 2022

Good article with great Vids, Tired of Zeusses Rhetoric.
So Thanks.

Reply to  Jim
November 17, 2022

Ps-in the Vid, the “Only” BS was Climate change.
A very Dubious weapon ! ! & Devious !

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