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The Myrotvorets Center reveals the evil powers in the West [Video]

Just look in the upper right hand corner of the site, to see Langley, VA (home of the CIA) and Warsaw, Poland – both simply hate Russians. Period.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

A particular website was mentioned in ZeroHedge of late in a piece about how a Washington Post journalist is pivoting the Ukrainian-Russian war narrative away from cheerleading for Kiev to saying “hey, Volodomyr, you might want to sue for peace before you lose it all…”

Well, no, it hasn’t gotten that blunt from the press, but Henry Kissinger did say precisely as much the other day in Davos, Switzerland, of all places:

Former U.S. secretary of state Henry A. Kissinger said Monday that Ukraine should cede territory to Russia to help end the invasion, suggesting a position that a vast majority of Ukrainians are against as the war enters its fourth month.

Speaking at a conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger urged the United States and the West to not seek an embarrassing defeat for Russia in Ukraine, warning it could worsen Europe’s long-term stability.

After saying that Western countries should remember Russia’s importance to Europe and not get swept up “in the mood of the moment,” Kissinger also pushed for the West to force Ukraine into accepting negotiations with a “status quo ante,” which means the previous state of affairs.

“Negotiations need to begin in the next two months before it creates upheavals and tensions that will not be easily overcome. Ideally, the dividing line should be a return to the status quo ante,” said Kissinger, 98, according to the Daily Telegraph. “Pursuing the war beyond that point would not be about the freedom of Ukraine, but a new war against Russia itself.”

However, the ZeroHedge also made note of a “grisly” site called myrotvorets.center. The word myrotvorets is apparently “peacemaker”, but the splash page is anything but peaceful. Featured front and center are ghastly looking very rotted corpses, ostensibly of Russian soldiers. The rhetoric on the site is absolutely crazy with fury and hatred towards Russia, even with the war on, it seems that the creators of this site have truly left behind any notion of Christianity or any sort of civilized culture.

BE WARNED: The photo below is extremely graphic. Parents are strongly advised to not let their kids see what you are about to see.

The statement in the photo says “Death to Russian Fascist Invaders and Occupiers!”

But look in the upper right-hand corner of the website and one sees something even more interesting:

Maybe we should zoom in a bit…

For those of you from Rio Linda, Langley, Virginia (VA) is the location of the Central Intelligence Agency. Yup. The CIA. I wonder what this reference is doing here?

Now, going through the site, it appears too be wildly hysterical (and grisly) propaganda. It is so over the top that I questioned whether or not it might be actually a Russian fake propaganda site to try to portray the Ukrainians as being super brutal. So, I did an ICANN lookup and found very little about the ownership of the site at all.

However, Wikipedia DOES have a fairly extensive entry about it, including this information:

Myrotvorets or Mirotvorets (Ukrainian: Миротворець, lit.‘Peacemaker’ /mɪrɔ’tvɔrɛt͡sʲ/), is a Ukrainian Kyiv-based[4] website that publishes personal information of people who are considered to be “enemies of Ukraine”,[8] or, as the website itself states, “whose actions have signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, human security, and the international law”.[9] The website was launched in December 2014 by Ukrainian politician and activist Georgy Tuka.[10][11]


The site reflects the work of NGO ″Myrotvorets centre″, led by Roman Zaitsev, former employee of Luhansk Security Service of Ukraine office.[12] The website is allegedly curated by the government law-enforcement and intelligence agency Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and promoted by Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Herashchenko.[13] In October 2015 he proposed to add a special section titled “Putin’s crimes in Syria and Middle East” dedicated for personal data of Russian military personnel of the operation in Syria.[13] Another controversy occurred in April 2015 when the website published the home addresses of Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina and former Verkhovna Rada parliamentarian Oleg Kalashnikov just days before they were assassinated.

On 7 May 2016, the website published the personal data of 4,508 journalists and other media members from all over the world who had worked (or had received accreditation to work) on the war in the uncontrolled government territory of Donbas, and therefore were considered by the site to have cooperated with terrorists.[22]There were phone numbers, email addresses, and some countries and cities of residence of Ukrainian and foreign journalists received from the hacked database of Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of State Security; journalists and support staff provided these data to be accredited by the unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic. In response, the Security Service of Ukraine issued a statement that it found no violations of Ukrainian law by Myrotvorets.[23]

In other words, this appears to be a grotesque manifestation of a “cancel culture” sort of “doxxing” site, only the doxxing is dealing in elimination of anyone who dares tread upon the glory of Ukraine.

It is interesting that the alleged curators include the SBU. Now, I do not know – this, given the war situation, still could very well be a propaganda front “false flag” but I am so far unable to confirm that it is anything else other than a Ukrainian site and one which apparently has the blessing of some really angry people in the Ukrainian government.

One has to wonder “why?” If Ukraine is indeed an Orthodox Christian nation, where does this grisly imagery and hatred come in and how does it square with being a Christian? Further, there is a place to donate money to the cause. Who in his right mind would want to send money designed to help kill people, especially, to kill people for having a different opinion?

To wit, no one in Russia is going around hating on Ukrainians like this, though we are (I am for sure) becoming increasingly tired of seeing Ukraine push its problems on the world with the attitude that the West owes them money and weapons. I am coming to think this is the greatest (and deadliest) scam, con job in history.

Going into this war, I admired Volodomyr Zelensky – a “Trumpian” figure he was painted as, coming from a non-political life to imitating his own role as “Servant of the People” a TV series he starred in (and which apparently was a hit). I like his movies. I still do. But as President, in his army green T-shirt and permanent 8 o-clock shadow (darker than 5 o-clock), the man looks like a bum panhandling on the street. And he is a successful bum, too, so far, getting billions of dollars from the West and sending his countrymen to fight to the end even though they have no chance against the Russian armies.

I was horribly dismayed at his actions leading up to the war, and horrified all the more as this whole thing has evolved. That horror extends to the hysterical Nancy Pelosi and her “Slava Ukraina” (nazi-inspired) revving up of Congress and the Congress’ almost wholesale believing it.

Incidentally, Zelensky is turning out to be exactly the opposite of Donald Trump, and seems to want to draw the world into the final war.

Perhaps it is my location altering my perspective – I may be out of the American fishbowl, for sure, but I live in Russia, and I could very possibly be feeling the effects of the Russkiy Fishbowl effect – every country has its own, right?

But what this looks like more and more to me is just pure evil, twisted in upon itself. Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, Davos, the World Economic Forum, etc… are doing very strange and twisted things, and they are all talking about doing even more strange and twisted things.

Honestly, (pure opinion here) I would like to go home. I am an American, a lover of the desert Southwest, and I would love to take my family there and go home. But what would I be coming to? God forbid I live in an American city of any size, and how to protect my children from the rapacious sex-psyop people? To my countrymen in the US, I say, God help you; you are the people from whom much courage is called for. Russia has basically almost none of these problems. We are cut off from the West here, and it is inconvenient and unpleasant because of stuff we cannot buy, but we also do not have a culture that is spiralling so deeply into demonic behavior.

This website is perhaps the clearest example yet that whatever is motivating the West, it is not God, it is not good, holy, peaceful, loving or true. It is the opposite. I hope many Americans see this and check it out for themselves. I don’t think our people know who they are allying themselves with. If this site is any indication, I would want to get out of any such alliance, immediately.

Lord, have mercy.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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Walter Cargile
Walter Cargile
May 29, 2022


Charles Smith
Charles Smith
Reply to  Seraphim Hanisch
May 30, 2022

The Ukraine gov’t had sent upwards of 60,000 of their best trained and equipped soldiers into the Dunbas and then began escalating the usage of heavy artillery and missiles against the people of that region. That is a proven fact Walter, which was observed by official international agencies. That’s right Walter, the Ukraine gov’t started an outright onslaught of highly deadly weapons on people in their homes. It was only after this that Russia moved her troops into Ukraine. Who you should be very angry at are the people who lied to you. They lied and lied as they were… Read more »

Mr. Larsen
Mr. Larsen
Reply to  Walter Cargile
May 30, 2022

Maybe you would like to prove your own courage by joining your brothers on the front lines?

Masha Parakina
Masha Parakina
Reply to  Walter Cargile
May 31, 2022

So, by that rhetoric, is Donbas the delinquent child who lives in their parents’ house but won’t obey their parents, thus Ukraine’s continued attacks on the region are just “tough love?” No. Donbas is a victim of child abuse. They were born different and think differently from what Ukraine selfishly wanted. Donbas trusted their neighbour Russia to free them from their bully parents, and, after 8 long and torturous years, Russia is fulfilling that promise. Neither of us would want thugs breaking into our houses, and I’m sure neither of us would want to be kids with abusive, thuggish parents.… Read more »

Mr. Larsen
Mr. Larsen
May 30, 2022
Rate this article :

I don’t think a Russian false flag site would go so far as to give personal information on people such as journalists enabling their assassinations.

Charles Smith
Charles Smith
May 30, 2022

Walter, please read my post which I inadvertently sent as a reply to Seraphim instead of to you

Masha Parakina
Masha Parakina
May 31, 2022

I’d give this article infinite stars if I could. I know well the CIA are in league with the Hundreds n Thousands (Ukraine’s neo-Nazis) and, obviously, the Devil himself. Satan being the father of lies, the very name and game of Myrotvorets are the Enemy’s work. From what I remember, countless innocent humans, including KIDS, ended up on that site. Myrotvorets also claim to source some of their intelligence from the UK’s MI5 — even Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters was pegged an enemy of the Ukrainian state for supporting Crimea’s democratic decision to return to Russia. I wouldn’t be… Read more »

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