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Exhausted Merkel Prepares to Exit

Exhausted Merkel Prepares to Exit

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Angela Merkel Is Losing Her Touch at the Worst Possible Time


New Year’s address by German Chancellor Angela Merkel

New Year’s address by German Chancellor Angela Merkel | DW | 31.12.2020

In her New Year’s address, Chancellor Angela Merkel has thanked the nation for mustering the trust and patience needed to tackle the historic challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. She warned of more tough times ahead but also said she felt hopeful. Here is her address in full.

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Susanne David
Susanne David
January 5, 2021
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Alexander, your analysis is always accurate. Thank you.

January 6, 2021

Excellent analysis,Merkel kinda been in the job too long,but the rot started when she thought she could integrate one million refugees,mostly men ,from a vastly different societies,in what would normally take decades to do,and also German people don’t like ponying up for weaker economies,which is half the reason we had Brexit,because the Brits didn’t fancy it either..

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